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ZDNet: What is 6G, if anything? A guide to what to expect, from whom, and when

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Enea was recently invited by 6GWorld to offer its insight on data management at an exclusive 6G webinar with ABI Research and TM Forum. Read the excellent account from Scott Fulton III from ZDNet.

The rising tide of discontent over 5G’s shortcomings is giving new windows of opportunity for radically different approaches to communications. If you think we finally debunked “chips in your brain,” think again.

If there is to be a “6G Wireless,” its proponents will need to learn some significant lessons from the era of 5G. Already, 5G Wireless as a market strategy is four years old. The R&D divisions of telecommunications firms whose 5G rollouts are well under way, are now looking ahead to whatever the next version of wireless may be. . . or, at least, they’re trying to. So far, what they’re seeing may be a bit far out.

“6G must deliver an outcome that is aligned with real needs,” remarked David Lister, Head of 6G Research and Development Technology at Europe’s Vodafone Group, “and deliver outcomes that are sustainable and commercially driven.” Lister was speaking at an annual conference called the 6G Symposium. Yes, there is already an annual 6G Symposium.

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