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11 December 2020 | Discussion

Subscriber Data Management in the Era of 5G

Keith Dyer of The Mobile Network & Fergus Wills of Enea on the impact of 5G on service delivery through SDM.

23 October 2020 | Discussion

COVID-19: managing the spikes in mobile data and changes in user behaviour

Keith Dyer of The Mobile Network & Indranil Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer, Enea: ways that operators are managing the surge in traffic  & changes in data usage.

23 October 2020 | Discussion

Trends: 5G, Edge, Cloud and new Encryption Technologies

Keith Dyer of The Mobile Network & Indranil Chatterjee, Chief Customer Officer, Enea, on the technology shifts we will see in mobile networks over the next 12 months.

23 October 2020 | Discussion

Using machine learning to sweat your 4G assets

Shane McCusker, VP Research & Development, & Keith Dyer of The Mobile Network on how operators are managing 4G RAN congestion as they also try to target new investments in 5G.

11 June 2020 | Microcast

5G Cloud Gaming, Mobile Identity and the Edge

Tom Cannon of AT&T & Gorkem Yigit of Analysys Mason explain how cloud gaming will drive 5G Edge deployments, and how Mobile Identity could prevent cheating.

14 May 2020 | Microcast

5G Deployment & Data Management in a Changing World

Fergus Wills, Director of Product Management with Diego Lopez of Telefonica & Sue Rudd of Strategy Analytics.

8 Apr 2020 | Microcast

Managing Your Network In A Crisis - lessons from Italy, Spain & India

Microcast Special: managing your network in the coronavirus crisis.  With Dimitris Mavrakis of ABI Research, Sue Rudd of Strategy Analytics & Santiago Bouzas of Enea Openwave.

5 Mar 2020 | Microcast

How Will Cloud Gaming Affect Mobile Networks? 

Featuring WIRED journalist Stephen Armstrong and industry analyst Gorkem Yigit from Analysys Mason.

6 Feb 2020 | Microcast

Mobile operator benchmarking reports – what do they really mean?

Featuring bench marking experts Chris Mills of Tutela & Kevin Hasley of Rootmetrics, & analysis from Dimitris Mavrakis of ABI Research.

January 2020 | Microcast Trailer

Bite sized Thought Leadership from the MOVIC

15 minute webinars on critical issues affecting mobile operators - from the Mobile Video Industry Council.

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

What’s your 5G mobile video strategy?

Fixing 5G video strategies, managing RAN congestion, and The Mobile Video Industry Council - with John Giere.

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

What are the fundamentals of 5G Cloud Data Management?

In 90 seconds, Matt Halligan, CTO: how to manage Cloudification and avoid vendor lock-in.

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

In 60 Seconds

The industry’s leading DPI solution from Openwave and Qosmos - SVP Indranil Chatterjee explains.

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

Detectando la congestión en la red móvil 3G/4G/5G a través de patrones de tráfico IP, Santiago Bouzas, Director de Producto

Video en español/Video in Spanish

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

Packet inspection isn’t just about DPI says Fergus Wills, Director of Product Management.

It's also about agility, scale and distribution.

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

Telemedia interview with CEO John Giere

Why is mobile video growing so rapidly? Will it continue? What are the technological and business impacts?

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

What is the Mobile Video Industry Council?

CEO John Giere

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds

What has Openwave Mobility learned from 2 years of NFV deployments?

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds

How do you address the data management challenges posed by 5G?

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

Moving to NFV?

The ultimate guide to deploying NFV for mobile operators. 

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds

80% of mobile traffic encrypted – how do operators manage that?

28 Mar 2019 | Interview

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds

How do you monetize growth in mobile traffic?

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