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11 April 2022

Stéphane Téral, LightCounting on why the 4G/5G Networks need a new breed of virtual load balancers

Why the traditional mobile core application load balancers are no longer useful, and how a new breed of fully virtualized load balancers can effectively handle 4G/5G traffic within a cloud-native architecture, simplify route stickiness, and deliver carrier-grade scalability.

4 March 2021 | Interview

TelecomTV interviews Enea CEO Jan Häglund

An aggressive acquisition strategy along with constant innovation is enabling Enea to disrupt the 5G landscape.

4 November 2021 |

Why Tier 1 operators choose Enea for 5G Subscriber Data Management

Discover how Enea’s gaming changing technology is transforming 5G deployments across the world.

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