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What’s your 5G mobile video strategy?

Fixing 5G video strategies, managing RAN congestion, and The Mobile Video Industry Council - with John Giere.

What are the fundamentals of 5G Cloud Data Management?

In 90 seconds, Matt Halligan, CTO: how to manage Cloudification and avoid vendor lock-in.

In 60 Seconds

The industry’s leading DPI solution from Openwave and Qosmos - SVP Indranil Chatterjee explains.

Detectando la congestión en la red móvil 3G/4G/5G a través de patrones de tráfico IP, Santiago Bouzas, Director de Producto

Video en español/Video in Spanish

Packet inspection isn’t just about DPI says Fergus Wills, Director of Product Management.

It's also about agility, scale and distribution.

Telemedia interview with CEO John Giere

Why is mobile video growing so rapidly? Will it continue? What are the technological and business impacts?

What is the Mobile Video Industry Council?

– CEO John Giere

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds - What has Openwave Mobility learned from 2 years of NFV deployments?

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds - How do you address the data management challenges posed by 5G?

Moving to NFV?  The ultimate guide to deploying NFV for mobile operators.  Download your copy:


MWC 2018: In 60 seconds - 80% of mobile traffic encrypted – how do operators manage that?

MWC 2018: In 60 seconds - How do you monetize growth in mobile traffic?

MWC 2018: CEO John Giere on mobile video strategy & 3 challenges: QoE, congestion management & control of encrypted traffic.

MWC 2017: John Giere - how to manage and monetise the tide of mobile video.

MWC 2017: Indranil Chatterjee - how Subscriber Data Management & Traffic Management can monetize your data.

MWC 2017: Matt Halligan - delivering a targeted experience for consumers & sharing revenues with OTTs.

MWC 2017: CTO Matt Halligan provides tips on what systems you need to virtualize first.

MWC 2017: DPI is dead! Long live … what exactly? Indranil Chatterjee provides the answer.

MWC 2017: Fergus Wills - how by working with Qosmos we enable operators to create Application Specific Price Plans.


Seminar on Mobile Traffic Optimization and Monetization, Telefónica del Perú (in Spanish).

John Giere and on Openwave Mobility 2016.

Indranil Chatterjee and on Rebooting DPI 2016.

Solution Videos

Stratum - The 5G Cloud Data Manager

RAN Congestion Manager - new product launch

Take a look at this 90 second explanation of our latest technology

Company Videos


Enea: 50 Years at the Leading Edge

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