Carrier-Grade Scalability for Service Providers

Simplified and fully virtualized load balancing with industry-first “Smart IP” feature that helps deliver superior performance and security across your network

Enea’s Virtual Load Balancer (vLB) is a fully virtualized software-based load balancer that distributes IP traffic across multiple application servers based on configurable load, availability, and policy. It provides carrier-grade horizontal scalability to address Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISP) network services demands to scale up in 5G environments.

vLB replaces traditional appliance-based load balancing hardware and ADCs while delivering superior performance, scalability, and a choice of flexible network insertion options.

With an industry-first Smart IP feature, vLB reduces operational overheads for managing multiple servers with multiple IP addresses, thus simplifying your infrastructure.

This means there is no longer any need to make a trade-off between scalability and stickiness as the Enea vLB provides cost-effective horizontal scalability with a stateless design and at the same time offers true end-to-end stickiness for the Application Servers and Operator Access Routers.

Enea vLB offers:

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Industry-first "Smart IP"

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Ultra-Efficient Packet Processing Engine

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Cost-Effective Horizontal Scalability

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Stateless Design with Augmented & Flexible Stickiness

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Smart State Sharing

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Static & Dynamic Routing Deployment Options

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Multi-Pool Support

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Health Management

To learn about these features in detail and request a demo, download our datasheet (see below)

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Virtual Load Balancer (vLB)

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