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You can’t eradicate threats and unwanted content from the web, but, as an operator, you can protect your users from unwanted content.

There are many millions of websites ranging from adult to games, gambling to search engines, and most of them are now encrypted. Simply using a database of URLs and domains is insufficient.

Unwanted content can arise in different ways:

  • The users are in a safe environment (home, school, enterprise)
    • App specific policy
    • Category specific Policy
  • Users are in a managed environment – where access / access time may be limited by choice of device owner – eg
    • Restrict video activity to hours of the day/day of week
    • Limiting VOIP access to specific times
    • Ensure only chat in social media apps like Facebook is allowed (e.g. video restriction)
    • Restricting a user to web page access only, for a specific set of sites – e.g. for BYOD policy for enterprise
    • Blocking anonymizing proxies and VPN
    • Blocking Gaming or YouTube during working hours
    • Securing user from content updates when driving
  • Users are in a regulatory environment – where inappropriate content, sites and apps are access regulated
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03 DNS
01 Symantec

The Traffic Filter cloud native solution enables categorization of web access, access control, protocol, app and activity for millions of domains on the web, either in data or DNS path. Content can be quickly classified, from adult to games, or gambling to search engines, and for both encrypted and unencrypted traffic. The solution is supplied with its own in built domain DB and can also integrate with third parties like Symantec.

This is combined with flexible enforcement options (user, group, time of day/day of week etc) to deliver all-inclusive use cases. Users are in different social, business and policy groups (based on device, access plan etc);

These capabilities are combined with Advanced Analytics to provide the capabilities for data capture, reporting and protocol analysis. This combination gives the penetrating understanding to see changes in protocol, app, behaviour, how specific policies and enforcement are working, and to create a positive proactive feedback look for the operations and business teams.

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