IP Traffic Management

WHATSAPP, YouTube AND Netflix?


OTTs (Over The Top players) have enjoyed a meteoric rise off the back of operator network investments.

Facebook, Google, Apple and the rest have become the richest, most powerful companies in the world. They have no incentive to change the status quo. Operators must change their game.

But most operators are fighting this battle with outdated DPI technology that runs on expensive hardware and cannot offer real-time use cases such as ad-blocking, content filtering, and QoE monitoring.

Deep Packet Inspection - Reboot your DPI

Virtual Deep Packet Inspection is the game changer for driving costs down and revenues up. Openwave Mobility's fully virtualized IP Traffic Manager - IPTM, powered by Qosmos ixEngine, the market leading deep packet inspection engine, enables operators to re-insert themselves back into the path of IP traffic flows that can be monetized immediately.


IPTM is a software - Virtual Network Function (VNF) that runs entirely on COTS hardware. It continuously performs packet/session classification and uses this to invoke a complete set of value added services. IPTM is a far more flexible approach for operators moving to NFV, and now with Qosmos ixEngine, it is more powerful than ever: 

  • We enable operators to monetise major OTT apps including WhatsApp, Youtube, Skype
  • We classify optimise and meter OTT flows dynamically on the fly
  • We deliver all the use cases you need including ad-blocking, content filtering, QoE monitoring, and optimization of encrypted and unencrypted OTT traffic

In 60 Seconds

How do operators monetise growth in mobile traffic while competing directly with OTT players? - VP Indranil Chatterjee provides the answer.

IPTM is powered by Qosmos ixEngine which means:

  • High information granularity for advanced troubleshooting of faults and performance issues
  • Fully customisable extraction of traffic information and KPIs 
  • Optimized and dynamic: monitoring can be turned on and off to investigate issues as needed

IP Traffic Filter

IP Traffic Filter delivers content categorization and filtering in real-time to classify content, from adult to games, or gambling to search engines. It enables use cases for example BYOD to work for enterprises, blocking inappropriate content for minors, and blocking unwanted content such as advertising.

Content categorisation is selectively applied depending on policy and works for encrypted and unencrypted traffic.

Don’t Just Listen to Us!

"Operators seeking to improve their financial performance should consider Openwave Mobility’s IP-TM solution as they migrate and scale into the networks of tomorrow." ABI Research

See it for Yourself

If you are fighting a battle with OTT players with outdated DPI technology, request a demo or download our datasheet and see just how quickly you can change the game!

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