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IP Traffic Management


With approximately 2 Billion websites today and 60,000 apps created per month on Google Play alone it is plain to see that the mobile internet is a fast moving environment.

It is also an increasingly Dark/Opaque environment due to the increased volume of encrypted traffic.  Taken together the rate of change, the volume of data, and the extent of encryption adds a whole new dimension into the mix.

In providing data service in this environment, you as the Operator face three challenges:

  1. Can Customer’s access be protected from unwanted content/sites?
  2. Can traffic be analysed & packet inspected to avoid revenue loss?
  3. Can all the traffic be analysed for consumption and capacity trends?

Openwave Mobility’s virtualized DPI and Categorization software components provide an agile, comprehensive, network-based solution for analysis, classification and enforcement. Traffic filter and management capabilities combine with traffic classification and analysis to deliver a comprehensive set of use cases so that Users and Revenue can be assured at the same point in network data path.

The combination of Openwave Mobility’s core platform, encrypted traffic analysis, deep packet inspection - All IP Traffic Manager (using Qosmos ixEngine) and enforcement capability with IP Traffic Filter provide operators a comprehensive toolkit for the following use cases:

Customer Content Protection

  • Parental Content Filtering – eg block malware, phishing, adult sites
  • Enterprise BYOD Content and Policy Control
  • Regulator Enforced Policy
  • Advanced Access – time of day/day of week; app and activity based oversight and enforcement

Revenue & Content Protection

  • Domain Fronting – ensuring sites are not using a front to bypass control
  • Detecting & Blocking Anonymizing Proxies trying to bypass controls
  • Fraud Detection – enforce the right application policy for the network identified user and device
  • Priority setting (QOS) for app and activity
  • DNS Tunnelling detection and enforcement

Traffic Analysis – enables business planning

  • Meta Data gathering for App Capacity, Activity and Protocol Trending
  • Device Consumption Patterns
  • Retail Offer Tracking – Data package/policy popularity
  • Under the Radar – Apps and protocols deep packet inspected for changes by OTTs

In 60 Seconds

Bringing best of breed Data Management from Openwave, plus traffic classification from Qosmos has created the industry’s leading virtual DPI solution. SVP Indranil Chatterjee explains

As part of Enea the solution uses the best in class embedded DPI signatures of the Qosmos ixEngine. Its extensive use across the spectrum of telecom services from firewall, cybersecurity and GGSN mean that the comprehensive classifications have the highest coverage and accuracy available.

Together Traffic Manager and Traffic Filter provide one point in the access to enable a complete set classification and enforcement options.

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"Operators seeking to improve their financial performance should consider Openwave Mobility’s IP-TM solution as they migrate and scale into the networks of tomorrow"

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