“Operators need to squeeze more from their 4G networks to get some breathing space while they ramp up on 5G...

...meanwhile, video is on track to be nearly three-quarters of mobile network traffic. That means mobile operators must provide a consistently great video experience over existing infrastructure, or risk losing customers ….. and money.”

- Analysys Mason

When it comes to delivering a consistent subscriber QoE, RAN congestion is a major barrier. It is however, highly unpredictable due to new usage patterns, arbitrary congestion events, and an OTT ecosystem generating exponential data traffic. This has made conventional network optimization solutions obsolete. Traditional methods rely on fixed locations or times of day, RAN integration, and the use of network probes to determine congestion. They are no longer fit for purpose.

Enea’s Session Congestion Manager (SCM) is the industry’s first mobile optimization solution that can dynamically boost 4G and 5G subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) for each individual user session. Mobile operators can now deliver outstanding QoE with pinpoint accuracy to specific anonymized subscribers – before they experience congestion.

Enea’s proprietary algorithms identify specific sessions that require QoE improvement and deliver pre-emptive optimization. In this way, SCM reduces the number of congested cells by 15%, creating additional Radio Access Network (RAN) capacity to deliver 25% more video - without mobile operators having to invest in new infrastructure.

SCM monitors multiple traffic and network parameters in real-time and creates a per-user session congestion score to take proactive and automatic remedial action based on its severity. By applying optimization to the whole individual session, SCM delivers network efficiency without requiring any control plane or RAN integration. This is a key consideration for operators who want to maximize their existing 4G infrastructure while prioritizing 5G investments.

A quick look at SCM’s features:

SCM page diagram

To learn more about the Session Congestion Manager and how it helps your 4G network deliver more, download our e-brief: Get More Out of Your 4G

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