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Encrypted Traffic Management

How do you manage what you can't see?

Encrypted data accounts for over 80% of mobile data ...

... and that has worrying knock-on effects for operators.

How can you be proactive in managing the QOE for your subscribers? How can you perform capacity planning when you can’t predict trends? And how can you be creative in developing service packages when you can’t see what your subscribers use and value?

The Internet Is Going Dark. Operators must find a way to see into the darkness, or forever risk becoming a commoditized utility. rising every day.

Vodafone"Openwave Mobility’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE" Vodafone

Encrypted Traffic Management Solutions

The award winning Secure Traffic Manager (STM) from Openwave Mobility helps you see in the dark!

Best in class encrypted traffic management tools mean you can see what’s going on in your network and differentiate different types of service.  STM provides the capability to inspect and categorise encrypted traffic flows (TCP, TLS, HTTPS and QUIC in real time, and intelligently adjust encrypted Adaptive Bitrate video to reduce impact on the RAN by 20%. Video optimization is dynamically adjusted to preserve Quality of Experience – in real time.

STM’s advanced heuristics give you the control you need to understand uptake of services, create new offerings, and manage their quality. You can create personalized quality of experience packs, data packages for apps and improve your capacity planning.



In 60 Seconds

80% of mobile traffic encrypted – how do operators manage that?.
SVP Indranil Chatterjee explains

See it for Yourself

Interested in encrypted traffic management or encrypted video optimisation? Request a product demo or download the STM datasheet today.

Video Traffic Management Solutions

Openwave Mobility’s video traffic management solution includes TCP Optimisation & Acceleration, and web and video optimisation. Read the overview.

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