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Video Traffic Management

6 seconds and they're GONE!

Your subscribers won't wait while their mobile video buffers!

Video is THE most important element of the mobile experience for many subscribers. But it comes with huge expectation. Surveys* demonstrate that users will abandon a video that buffers for just 6s. And with almost 80% of that video now encrypted, most operators can't even see it, let alone manage it. How do you deliver the best possible video experience whilst minimizing your costs? How do you use video to attract & keep new customers? What's your mobile video strategy?

Video Traffic Management

You need to go beyond the brute-force mobile data optimization offered by many companies. Our video traffic management solution guarantees the ideal quality of experience for the lowest cost. It consists of three proven products built on our award winning NFV platform:

Secure Traffic Manager 

Encrypted video management


TCP Optimization / Acceleration


Web and Media optimization

Vodafone"Openwave Mobility’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE" Vodafone

RAN Congestion Manager
Our latest and most complete offering

Congestion in the RAN presents a lasting headache to mobile operators. How do you manage the congestion created by encrypted video traffic growth of 50-100% per year ? The answer is: move to predictive congestion management based on machine learning. Take a look at this 90 second explanation of our latest technology:

RAN Congestion Manager

How to reduce your RAN congestion by 20% using machine learning

Check out the numbers!

Video buffering


Per subscriber
consumption up 


Congested cells


Cloud deployment
achieved in 
6 weeks

Our solutions are fully virtualized and deployed in some of the world’s most advanced NFV (Network Function Virtualization) mobile networks, including Reliance Jio, AT&T and Telus.

We accelerate at the TCP level (TCP optimization), we optimize encrypted video and we keep up with ever changing video profiles.

The Mobile Video Index
- based on live operator data

Based on real data from more than 30 mobile operators around the globe, our Mobile Video Index will inform you of what is really happening in mobile networks today.

Don’t Just Listen to Us!

Our video traffic management solution has been recognised by industry luminaries and deployed multiple times.

Net Vis double award colour in circle 2019

Telus Logo"TELUS is proud to partner with Openwave Mobility and give our customers a better experience while watching videos" Telus


Isn’t this just Mobile Video Optimization?

No. While much of the industry has been focused on simplistic video optimisation, we go further. Our solution adapts to traffic in real-time so you can trade off cost against quality of experience.

We do this by offering flexible rules that vary depending on real-time conditions, and are managed by a powerful service orchestration engine. This delivers a hugely improved experience to subscribers – quick start, no stutter – depending on the costs and conditions that you set.

zain logo"The innovative solution from Openwave Mobility has been impressive. They have demonstrated their expertise and backed it up with excellent levels of service" Zain

*Survey carried out by Censuswide - contact Openwave Mobility for details

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