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Mobile Data Monetization

Service enablement & data plan creation

Custom price plans and services to drive new revenues

Today operators are challenged to differentiate their data service offerings using traditional Megabyte or tiered pricing models. Subscribers are typically tied to specific price bundles for 1 to 2 years with limited choice and little or no interaction with the operator during that period. The result?  Poor take up of new data services, a higher probability of bill shock resulting from overages, and reduced customer loyalty.

Openwave Mobility’s PPI Pricing Applications enable operators to engage their subscribers by offering new service-oriented data plans and incentivize through loyalty and rewards. Service enablement and data plan creation done in a manner relevant to the subscriber’s online behavior and is more personalized. They are offered to the subscriber at point of interest - empowering them to make the decision to purchase which ultimately leads to increased adoption of new services by as much as 4X and proven churn reduction. We have coined the term Policy Engagement for this capability, which also has the benefit of eliminating Bill Shock as subscribers are in control of what they buy and when they buy.

Pricing Applications, Driving Revenues, Reducing Churn

PPI Pricing Applications are fundamentally based on user purchase behaviors already proven and understood in other consumer markets, where users prefer to buy goods in small, understandable quantities when they want to and need to. For example buying a single song on iTunes or a video on demand, renting a car or bicycle for the day etc. Applying the same concept of the “micro-payments” to data pricing models provides a means to offer more compelling tailor-made services to subscribers. All PPI Pricing Applications employ a self-care mechanism enabling users to manage their own spend, respond to offers and reduce the load on the operator's call center.

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Video Pass

Video content continues to be the greatest contributor to growth in mobile data usage. Currently data plans have MB or GB based caps. Usually subscribers cannot relate MBs/GBs to the minutes a particular video will consume. This inability to comprehend the amount of data used per video and its impact on subscribers’ data plans results in lost data usage and lost opportunity.

PPI Pricing’s Video Pass allows video to be recognized and charged as a separate data service. Subscribers are provided with options that can be easily understood:

  • Charge based on time rather than data consumed
  • Allow to upgrade or recharge once the existing service is consumed

Video Pass enables the operator to seamlessly roll out video as a premium service offering. The user can subsequently manage their video plan through a service self-care function. Video Pass has helped operators to realize an increase in revenue and heighten their subscriber loyalty.



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Roaming Pass

We have all come across the “bill-shock” stories. Unfortunately this has led to a general “fear” of using data whilst abroad and many consumers simply switch off data services when roaming.

PPI Pricing’s Roaming Pass enables the operator to seamlessly roll out data roaming as a premium service to a target set of roaming consumers. Upon real-time detection the roaming consumer is immediately offered a number of simple service oriented roaming plan options. For example:

  • Roaming web only pass for 24 hours or a pass which allows web and video use only, or
  • Opt in to optimization services - compresses all content to ensure least consumption of data


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Tether Pass

Many devices today allow tethering or the setting up of a local Wi-Fi hotspot. For some operators this can prove to be a problem as the target device is consuming much more data than originally envisaged and can lead to significant erosion of profit margins.

With PPI Pricing Tether Pass the operator can detect tethering and immediately offer the subscriber the ability to purchase a temporary or recurring tethering plan as an add-on to their existing plan. For example a tethering pass can be:

  • Offered as a Day Pass or a Month Pass, or
  • Added to the consumer’s existing plan for a fixed monthly fee


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Day Pass

There are many “non-data” users who nevertheless would use data services occasionally on an as-needs basis, as well as others who use data services in a specific way eg: to access Facebook or email. Lastly, there are those who do not use data services at all and need encouragement to do so.

PPI Pricing’s Day Pass enables the operator to offer these casual data users a choice of easy to understand casual plans aligned with their online activity. For example:

  • A 24-hour pass for general access
  • A week pass for extended use
  • A pass for access to specific set of sites such as social media, news, videos, music

The key is there is no upfront long term initial commitment. Equally the operator now can on-board a new set of data users who previously were not actively using their device for mobile data services.


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Shared Plan

It may be desirable and more cost effective for an individual with several devices, a family, or a small enterprise to consolidate his/her data usage into a single plan.

PPI Pricing’s Shared Plan:

  • Allows sharing of a single data allowance amongst group of members or devices
  • All group members have visibility of the remaining shared plan allowance through self-care
  • All members are notified by SMS when the plan data allowance is running low or has run out
  • The group owner, the billed party, has the authority to top up the account through self-care


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Reducing subscriber churn is an important goal for operators. The ability to offer loyal customers special offers and rewards for their continued service helps to achieve this goal.

PPI Pricing-Rewards:

  • Allows the operator to define event driven reward and loyalty programs based on specific user online behavior and purchase history
  • Enables the operator to gift loyal users for repeat purchases and/or provide targeted recommendations
  • Makes user feel more valued as a customer and reduces churn through differentiated service offerings which rewards customer loyalty


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Policy Engagement & Selfcare

The lack of real time and frequent engagement with subscribers is a challenge for operators. If a subscriber is not proactively and explicitly made aware of his/her data usage and any limitations that may apply in real time, then this leads to bill-shock on receipt of their next monthly bill. These irate customer care calls ultimately churn and result in “operator shock”.

All PPI Pricing Applications support self-care capabilities enabling the operator to avoid such scenarios by keeping the subscriber informed in real time of all events related to his/her data spend.


Examples of such events are:

  • A consumer without a data plan will not be allowed to use data services
  • If the consumer’s data plan is restricted from accessing certain content, they can be informed in real time when they attempt to access it and presented with opt in choices
  • A roaming user is immediately made aware of related data charged and asked to opt in to a roaming plan
  • A consumer whose data allowance is capped is explicitly notified on reaching a low watermark level, for example when 90% of their allowance has been consumed

Promotion and Pricing Innovation (PPI) Products

The Openwave Mobility PPI solution consists of the following proven products:

Together these provide operators innovative new ways to engage with their subscribers and monetize data, leading to incremental revenues and reduced churn.

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