Network Function Virtualization


In 3 years OTTs wiped out voice revenue - in 2.5 years OTTs wiped out messaging revenues - next they are coming for your data.

Lack of service agility costs operators billions. Facebook and Google issue a new update every day while mobile operators can take 18 months to introduce a new service. In our digital world, slow-moving operators are an easy target! We know the answer partly at least lies in effective virtualisation with NFV service chaining of core Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), but it seems there is a serious lack of mature, deployed and proven solutions.

Our NFV Platform, Integra - react to threats and opportunities at internet speed!

We are the only company that can deliver a mature and proven cloud-based solution, Integra, providing scalable, best in class performance on a software, service orchestration platform. Integra offers a modular NFV platform, encrypted application classification, and dynamic NFV service chaining enabling operators to manage the fast changing world of OTT formats and roll out new innovative services in 30 days, or less.

Integra’s highly modular architecture, low latency and high performance for both the signalling/control plane and the data/user plane ensure it is a streamlined component fully optimised to lie in the content path. This is key to managing access, user experience, assigning bandwidth/policy, developing new services, and service chaining and orchestration. Integra is agnostic to hypervisor and can be deployed in KVM and VMWare environments on COTS hardware with ESXi hypervisor and vCloud. It is orchestrated using OpenStack API.

Key Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) we offer include Video Traffic Management (including video optimisation) and a Common Data Layer for 5G Data Management.

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The NFV Playbook 

The practical operator guide for progressing NFV

We’re covering many angles of NFV in this Playbook and we’re including some of the best content from our Enea Openwave NFV experts and the hands-on experience we’ve had in the field, as well as respected industry analysts like Sue Rudd of Strategy Analytics and Dimitris Mavrakis of ABI Research.

NFV Playbook

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Key Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) offered by Openwave are Traffic Management (including video optimisation) and Subscriber Data Management.

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