Secure Connectivity Management for Enterprise Services through HTTPS Header Enrichment

Enea’s TLS Manager (TLSM) provides Mobile Network Operators (MNO) with TLS termination capabilities for HTTPS, HTTP-to-HTTPS and HTTPS-to HTTP service enforcement

TLS Manager can issue a substitute certificate for a fixed pool of Origin Servers that require TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 mediation.

When the user establishes an encrypted connection to the desired site, the system can act as a tunnel termination endpoint, clearly exposing the payload so the Enea system can apply a licensed Enea Traffic Management service, such as HTTP header manipulation.

TLS Manager acts on:

  • Transparently intercepting TLS-Encrypted and unencrypted HTTP traffic
  • Decrypting TLS connections using an operator TLS certificate
  • Encrypting HTTP connections using an operator/content provider TLS certificate
  • Facilitating traffic management services enforcement

Key features of TLS Manager:

Microservices framework

HTTPS Mediation

Identity Management v3

Certificate Management

Location management

Selective Mediation

Multiple Deployment options

Multiple Deployment Options

Unified Dual Session Store

Selective Service Invocation

Monitoring and Reporting

Operations, Administration & Management (OAM)

To learn about these features in detail and request a demo, download our datasheet (see below)

TLS Manager Datasheet cover


TLS Manager

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