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The Weird + Wonderful World of Tech in 2021

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Heading into 2021 many of us believed that it would be the year of returning to normal, however, it turned out to be a cementing of the new normal that 2020 introduced us to. Video conferencing, remote working and virtual events have been just a few of the changes that stuck throughout 2021. However, they have not been the strangest things we discovered in the world of tech this year!

To wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for the new year, at we have compiled a list of some of the weirdest, most bizarre and yet completely true headlines from around the world, guaranteed to make you laugh and wonder in bemused amazement. Enjoy a taster below of what we have discovered!


Imagine you sit down to watch the new Bond film, eagerly waiting to see who the nemesis will be in this 27th Bond movie. Of all the things that reveal who it is – it is not the dialogue or even a decision.  It is actually the make of the phone they use! It turns out the control Apple holds over its products extends to the characters they allow them to be associated with. Visit and discover how tech will help you spot the bad guy at your next film night.


In April, an Argentinian teenager stunned Google when he managed to snap up their domain for just $3! He was struck with disbelief as he couldn’t believe his luck and is now set to have a VERY MERRY Christmas!


If you look carefully at the world around you, you may discover a strange new type of tree appearing out of nowhere. Odd looking trees that sometimes omit a fan-like sound are amongst the newest disguises for 5G towers. Watch out for rock formations, cacti and water towers as they may also be not exactly what they seem!


For anyone that may be bracing themselves for an imminent robot apocalypse, Elon Musk has assured us there is no need to fear! He announced that the new Tesla robot will have a ‘safety feature’ to quell any growing fears of a takeover in 2022.


Check out for more funny and bizarre moments this past year brought us. Thank you for your continued support and partnership during 2021. We wish you a happy 2022 – and in the meantime a safe and happy holiday season!