Subscriber Data Management for NFV

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Subscriber Data Management is a mission critical network application

Thus, mobile operators are often reluctant to make any major changes to the SDM platform. Result – inefficiency, complexity and high costs. 

NFV presents an opportunity to solve these problems.

What’s your Subscriber Data Management strategy for NFV?

(Subscriber Data Management – 5G Cloud)

Stratum is the next generation platform designed specifically for NFV. It provides unrivalled performance and scale at lowest TCO, while maintaining 5 nines of telco grade availability.

Stratum in Numbers


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1 Million


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A highly performant data store which can be used as 3GPP UDR (User Data Repository) or SPR (Subscriber Profile Repository). Stratum offers disk based as well as in-memory storage for different types of subscriber data (static, session)


A Virtual Directory which creates a unified and secure interface to access data from multiple databases. It allows for the creation of application specific data views through virtual schemas and data transformation


A set of tools like LDAP Load Balancer, Provisioning Gateway, etc to enable a seamless migration from legacy platforms to Stratum

"We were impressed with the Smart User Repository's fast and flawless deployment and immediate results it has delivered" SaskTel

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Strategy Analytics"Openwave Mobility’s proven platform can be brought into an operator's NFV environment to significantly reduce the risk of NFV migration.” Strategy Analytics

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Subscriber Data Management

Get the best practices in Subscriber Data Management. Read our e-book based on more than a decade of our experience working with Tier-1 operators across the globe.

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