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Digital Identity

Enrich your subscriber's experience

Mobile Operators are sitting on a goldmine...

Today subscribers interact with the mobile network through multiple services, and information related to these interactions is captured by the network. This rich set of information is extremely valuable to Over The Top (OTT) service providers for enhancing user experience and offering personalized services.

Do you know how to share your subscriber data with OTT partners in a Secure, Real-Time and Privacy Friendly way?

Smart Identity Manager (SmartIDM) by Openwave Mobility

SmartIDM enables operators to effectively deploy a complete Digital Identity Management solution. Built on our award winning NFV platform, SmartIDM is –

Secure - It works for unsecure (HTTP) as well as secure (HTTPS) websites and apps, overcoming the major drawback of Header Enrichment method.

Real Time - With SmartIDM you can share subscriber information, including identity, preferences, and context, with OTT partners in real-time fashion

Privacy-Friendly - Information shared with OTT partners is controlled using operator policies, partnership agreements and optional consumer consent. This helps you comply with privacy regulations such as EU’s GDPR

60 Seconds

CTO Matt Halligan on SmartIDM


GSMA Mobile Connect

SmartIDM is a GSMA Mobile Connect compatible identity solution. SmartIDM provides Network Authenticator for Mobile Connect, which enables mobile operators to use subscribers’ network identity information to authenticate them using Mobile Connect. The advantage of using SmartIDM Network Authenticator is that it enables seamless (silent) authentication from mobile devices. SmartIDM does not require any form of HTTP header enrichment. Thus with SmartIDM operators can enable seamless authentication for HTTPS (secure) websites and applications.

With the network authenticator and VAS APIs provided by SmartIDM, operators can enable innovative monetization and personalization use cases

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