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Smart Data Federator (vSDF) enables operators to manage multiple diverse data stores through Data Federation.

Sometimes referred to as a Virtual Directory, this is the difficult but essential task of providing a single integrated view of data from multiple data-stores which use different storage structures and different access technologies. Data Federation is an essential aspect of Subscriber Data Management (SDM).

  • vSDF enables access to multiple database servers through a unified interface. It supports multiple protocols, virtual schemas and data transformation. Applications can access the data from multiple databases using standard LDAPv3, DIAMETER or HTTP interfaces.
  • Enable new use cases by allowing applications to access hitherto inaccessible data.
  • Virtual directory substantially reducee time to market for new applications/services.

Data Federation enabled by vSDF provides operators with agility to add new services by leveraging existing data in legacy repositories, and then augmenting that information with any additional information that is needed for the new applications. This is less risky for  operators as they can continue to support the dual strategy of consolidation and federation until they understand the benefits and risks associated with both the approaches.

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In real life: This ability to reduce risk became critical at a recent Japanese operator where the virtual directory capability of vSDF provided dual provisioning to multiple legacy directories whilst a new unified UDR was established.

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Sample Use Cases Supported by SDF

Application Data Federation
Update data repositories without impacting the applications
• Get data from multiple repositories with a single request
• Configure application level data access and security policies

Seamless Data Migration
• Enable dual/multiple provisioning during data migration
• Create configurable workflows to reduce impact of migration on front end applications

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Solution Packages

Openwave Mobility’s data consolidation SDM solution is available in two packages –
1. vSDF, which is a standalone Virtual Directory hardened for operator environment
2. SDM-CE, which includes vSUR for data aggregation and vSDF for data federation

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