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Who's monetizing YOUR subscribers?  

Make no mistake - Facebook, Google and Apple are building relationships with your subscribers. As a mobile operator, you own the relationship with your subscribers – and you are sitting on a goldmine of data. But if you can’t securely share the identity of your subscribers with network applications and trusted third parties, you can’t participate in the OTT ecosystem.
Use Mobile Identity to monetize your subscriber data.

Can you access your subscriber data without moving it?

Typically, it’s tough to access your subscriber data because it’s spread across multiple databases, in different locations, and accessed using different technologies.  However you can federate that data, leaving it exactly where it is, but so that every network application can access it.  The siloes remain - the problem disappears.  
Access your subscriber data wherever it's stored.

Can you still manage your subscribers in an NFV environment?

NFV is happening and you’re somewhere along in making it a reality on your network.  But what happens to your User Data Repository (UDR) in a virtualized network?  If the complexity of virtualizing your network or the cost of maintaining Oracle databases worries you, you're not alone. You need a virtualized User Data Repository that reduces TCO and cuts time-to-market.
Build a strong UDR foundation for NFV deployments.

subscriber data management system book

Based on 10 years of global experience deploying SDM …. we wrote the book

Openwave Mobility SDM has it covered

Openwave Mobility has a proven history of delivering Subscriber Data Management Systems and cloud-based solutions to carriers in the US, Europe and Japan. We support huge subscriber bases including the largest User Data Repository (UDR) in the world. Our customers find that we bring the best combination of low TCO and high maturity - when compared with solutions from Oracle and others.

Reduced OPEX
• Multiple data stores reduced to one
• COTS hardware
• Deployed in weeks

Extreme Agility
• Cloud-based elasticity
• No vendor lock-in – operator owned schema
• Decoupling of application management logic from storage logic

Deployment Options
• Bare-metal
• Fully virtualized with integrated VNF manager
• Virtualized– integration with 3rd party VNF managers

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Our Subscriber Data Management System products

SDM Cloud Edition (SDM-CE)

The foundation for NFV deployments
SDM-CE (consisting of our vSUR and vSDF) is the industry’s first NFV- UDR solution. This virtualized User Data Repository (vUDR) enables mobile operators to efficiently manage their capacities through dynamic scaling, and reduce TCO and time-to-market for new services by decoupling storage from the application management interface.  View our 1 minute intro: 

Smart User Repository (vSUR)

The cost-effective, industry standards based SDM
vSUR is a massively scalable directory for distributed, synchronized subscriber data – centralized management of all your subscriber data. Use cases enabled by vSUR include the creation of 3GPP UDR, IETF LDAP Directory and 3GPP SPR.

Smart Data Federator (vSDF)

The virtual directory ending subscriber data silos
vSDF provides a single federated view of all subscriber data no matter where or how it is stored. A flexible interface between silos to read and write data to existing and new systems. Use cases enabled by vSDF include virtual directory creation and data migration.

Smart Identity Manager (SmartIDM)

Your entry pass to the OTT ecosystem
SmartIDM enables the identity of your subscribers to be shared with internal network applications and trusted third parties, including content providers and financial institutions, securely.  Use cases enabled by SmartIDM encompass all OTT monetization and personalization applications that require a secure Network Identity.

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Customer Success Stories

Request our SDM Customer Success Stories and see for yourself.


Industry Accolades

Openwave Mobility solutions consistently receive industry acclaim for Subscriber Data Management and Internet of Things.

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Our Global SDM Partners

Openwave Mobility’s SDM product set can also be delivered via worldwide partners helping operators to manage their data aggregation, data federation and identity management SDM requirements.

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