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Stratum – Cloud Data Manager – 5G Cloud Database: get ready to launch, scale and deploy!

As anticipation for impending 5G services continues to mount, mobile operators are still wrestling with the realities of planning, deploying and managing these new networks. Dealing with all the challenges inherent in the evolution to 5G is an immense task, particularly while operating legacy 3G and 4G networks. To ease the burden for mobile operators, we have introduced Stratum Cloud Data Manager a new telco cloud database that enables operators to securely store and access data from virtualized applications.

Next-generation 5G technology will rely heavily on network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined network (SDN) infrastructure, ushering in a number of significant network management changes. In particular, 5G makes use of “stateless” clouds – services that do not store data from one session to the next – rather, they rely on common external data management. This requirement alone calls for new thinking in how data is stored and accessed from the cloud by virtualized applications.

The 5G native cloud network is made up of three layers – user plane, control plane and common data layer. Stratum – Cloud Data Manager provides the all-important, carrier-class data layer that bridges 5G stateless clouds, storing not only the fast-changing state, but also information required by a range of applications such as subscriptions, policy and configuration data. It can selectively replicate data as needed, helping operators launch and scale stateless core services, while delivering data at the edge for performance-sensitive, ultra-reliable, low-latency applications. In this way, mobile operators can seamlessly deploy network slicing in order to handle varying bandwidth demands and latency tolerances.

No clouds on this horizon!

As mobile operators race to launch 5G services, database mechanisms must be optimized for everything, introducing a disruptive architecture. With deployment of virtual and SDN infrastructure, operators require a Cloud Database (DB) that supports subscriber and network function ‘as a service’ within the 5G service-based architecture, allowing user or network data to be accessible from anywhere across the network. Subscriber Data Management (SDM) provided the original foundation for a subscriber and application focused database. Now, SDM technology has evolved to support a virtualized, centralized storage repository.

Based on our unrivalled expertise in SDM and user data repositories, the Openwave Mobility Stratum – Cloud Data Manager solution can uniquely handle not only traditional subscriber, static and dynamic data, but also unstructured data that extends beyond resource functions and applications.  This unique new cloud data management solution allows any authorized service to securely access any structured or unstructured data from any location in near real-time.

Built from the ground up for stateless cloud network architecture, Stratum – Cloud Data Manager enables the 5G vision with high-value services that can be activated ‘on demand’ for any user or entity, such as network slicing; value-added network enablers for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google; ‘mix and match’ service components configured on demand to create service differentiators; and global access to home location-based personalized services. And all this with a total cost of ownership that is one-third that of traditional subscriber repository solutions. To learn more, visit: