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Values matter

"The values of our staff demonstrate our company’s attitude, our company’s personality", John Giere, CEO

A lot of companies talk about culture and values. Here at Openwave Mobility we are trying to do more than just talk. Our senior management is deeply committed to following our values and communicating them in every aspect of our company life and business. Our staff appreciate and support the importance of working as a single team with integrity, professionalism and an agreed ethos in all projects and communications. This page summarises our values, our stories, and our communities.

Our Values

Openwave Mobility’s core values are Innovation, Agility, Accountability and Collaboration.

Innovation must take place in every part of our company - admin, marketing, sales, services... not simply products.  We bypass problems with new solutions, we find ways that are original, better, inspired.

Seizing the opportunity - creating the opportunity. We move quickly to do what is good for the team, good for the customer; responding efficiently, effectively and nimbly.


We make ourselves accountable to one another. Taking responsibility for our own and our team's decisions.



We trust one another - as colleagues - whoever we are, wherever we are.
We have a collective resolve to win, realising shared goals, breaking established siloes.


Some of the ways we see our values working out are in our stories and our communities:


Our Stories

We regularly share stories of projects and situations that demanded more than what is commonly expected of individuals and teams. Staff at every level are encouraged to share their own stories around the company as we celebrate together the fact that yes the end result is important, but how we got there is more important still.

A few of our recent stories covered topics as different as how we supported a customer through a cyclone to ensure their subscribers had free and easy access to services during the life-threatening storm; how we transformed our internal patching process through automation; how we virtualized our internal IT server infrastructure; and how we reached deep within ourselves to successfully support an end of life legacy product for which there were no trained staff.

Our stories exemplify our company values beyond verbal and written communications. They go beyond mere intellect or even hard-work to demonstrate the attitude and character of individuals and teams we are privileged to have at Openwave Mobility.

Our Communities

A second way we strive to exemplify and communicate our values is through our community involvement. We are immensely proud that our staff regularly roll up their sleeves and get involved in local needy projects from cleaning up a local park, to raising funds for a children’s cancer charity, to maintaining a local cycle trail for the public.


Please see our dedicated page on community projects.