“The values of our staff demonstrate our company’s attitude, our company’s personality”

John Giere, CEO

A lot of companies talk about culture and values. Here at Openwave we are trying to do more than just talk. Our senior management is deeply committed to following our values and communicating them in every aspect of our company life and business. Our staff appreciate and support the importance of working as a single team with integrity, professionalism and an agreed ethos in all projects and communications. This page summarises our values, our stories, and our communities.

Our Values

Enea Openwave’s core values are Innovation, Agility, Accountability, Team Playing and Customer Focus.

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We promote trying new concepts, business models and ways of working.

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We move quickly, adapt to change and embrace new opportunities.

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We honor commitments and deliver on promises, to customers and to each other.

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Team Players

We compete and win as one team and one company, not as individuals.

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Customer Focus

We spend time on understanding customer requirements, to ensure mutual success.

Our Stories

Sometimes, our staff undertake projects that go above and beyond what is commonly expected of individuals and teams.

Recent ventures have included successfully supporting an end of life legacy product for which there were no trained staff; virtualizing our internal server infrastructure; and even supporting a customer to ensure their subscribers had free and easy access to data services during a life-threatening cyclone.

These stories exemplify our company values beyond verbal or written communications, demonstrating the attitude and moral character of the staff we are privileged to have at Enea Openwave.