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Openwave Mobility Scoops Highly Coveted SDN Award

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I am delighted to announce that Openwave Mobility’s innovation and expertise in SDN has been recognized by TMCnet. Our Integra Platform won TMC’s 2013 Excellence in SDN Award which is an amazing achievement considering that many vendors are still trying to establish how to utilize the technology! This accolade would not be possible without our fantastic team, who continue to work hard to keep Openwave Mobility one step ahead of the competition and ensure that our customers receive the very best in SDN and NFV technology and expertise.

SDN has been considered by some industry visionaries to be one of the most important and disruptive developments in networking since the rise of the internet, changing the networking focus to applications. TMC’s 2013 Excellence in SDN recognized leaders advancing SDN technologies and companies that are key in shaping this quickly evolving industry. Other companies noted for their achievements in SDN also included OpenDaylight Project, the community-led open source platform aimed at accelerating the adoption of SDN and NFV.

Our Integra Platform is the world’s first Layer 7 SDN and NFV-enabled solution, establishing a new benchmark in scalability and expanding SDN architecture towards Layer 7. The platform is at the heart of Openwave Mobility solutions including Promotion and Pricing Innovation™ and Congestion Control, providing innovative subscriber-aware pricing models and unbeatable congestion-aware network optimization.

At Openwave Mobility we recognize the huge importance of keeping on top of technology developments, especially when they are still in early stages of development, such as with SDN and NFV. The newest page on our website “Technology Vision” is our central hub for all the innovation at Openwave Mobility, with content on the latest technology developments, including our work on SDN and NFV and in the area of Policy control and Charging (PCC).

We are proud to be recognized as an innovator in our markets. This recognition highlights the fact that Openwave Mobility is at the forefront of market evolution. It encourages us to continue innovating across all our solutions so we can carry on delivering the most robust, flexible and cutting edge solutions to mobile operators globally.