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MWC 2014: “Streaming video passes have cut customer churn by 20%”

Above is the summary statement made by C Spire Wireless CEO Hu Meena when he and I shared the stage at this year’s Mobile World Congress. I had the privilege to take centre stage at MWC alongside Hu to share our experiences of monetizing mobile data, and to discuss how to create new revenue streams for mobile operators by creating price plans inspired by customers.

The session “Driving Operator Revenues and Relationships for Operators and Brands” was hosted by Shira Levine, Directing Analyst for Infonetics and we were joined by representatives from Telefonica, Ogilvy and Mather, Kyak and HP.

Under the theme of “Monetizing Data using Video as a Service” Hu and I discussed our roles in developing unique plans that appeal to their subscribers. C Spire is a great example of a forward thinking operator that is breaking the mold to monetize mobile data in a way that makes sense to its subscribers. Mobile video is expected to generate nearly 69 per cent of all data traffic in 2018 and with the help of our PPI solution, C Spire is providing its subscribers plans that fit in with their lifestyles and they are seeing the benefit in increased revenues and substantially reduced customer churn.

We live in an age of the new consumer economy. People want to buy what they want when they need it – a song on iTunes versus the whole album, an apartment for a week through Airbnb versus a permanent holiday home, and you can even rent super-cars by the day. It is this consumer mentality that, with our help, C Spire appeals to.

During the session, Hu and I explored how mobile operators can use mobile video to drive revenues and offer subscribers clear, transparent data plans. Using video as a service C Spire offers its subscribers unlimited plans, with the exception of video. If the subscriber uses video they can buy video access packages, 30mins here, an hour, a week or month – simple plans that are easy to understand and most importantly profitable. The results? C Spire has experienced a 20 per cent reduction in churn through rolling out these application-based plans.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. Operators have a far greater challenge of driving new revenues and need to look beyond simply matching their competitors’ offerings. Innovation and disruption are needed to draw in customers, and keep them. LTE’s future lies in paying per service, sponsored content and targeted promotions and advertisements. These are all new avenues that operators can utilize to draw-in more revenues.

The wide range of companies sharing our session highlighted that operators are now looking outside the box for new revenues, instead of relying on the traditional cash cows of voice and messaging. And there was a definite theme running through all presentations – to put customers first. The coming years are definitely going to change dramatically, both from a technology view and customer experience view. And brands need to listen to their subscribers and create offerings that fit with consumer lifestyles to stay ahead.

Please email us at if you would like a copy of the MWC presentation or the case study on offering Video As A Service jointly produced by C Spire Wireless and Openwave Mobility.