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MOTIFY: Because timing is everything

Our big announcement at MWC Barcelona was `MOTIFY’ a push-based solution for mobile operators to reach out to their millions of subscribers on-screen and in real time. Until now, the operator-subscriber relationship is limited to simple text/SMS messages or the self-care application. Tying into the multimedia messaging-revolution, this first of its kind, app-based notification solution allows mobile operators to reach subscribers whenever and wherever they want. So, subscribers can be alerted to time-critical events if they are nearing their data limit, or about to incur roaming charges and be notified about time-sensitive promotions when it matters – all through MOTIFY.

Time for MOTIFY

Let’s face it, no one wants a warning about extra charges after they’ve been charged or hear about an amazing promotion after the special offer has lapsed. No matter what, the subscriber is not going to be happy. That’s what MOTIFY is changing.

MOTIFY uses advanced push technology to allow mobile operators to reach subscribers with alerts, notifications and promotions exactly when they need them. So, customers can be warned – ahead of time – before they get charged for roaming or data. And with a simple tap and a click, they can top- up or purchase additional bundles. It’s the same with limited time offers. The notifications on the screens are designed to grab their attention when it matters. No matter what’s happening on the phone, subscribers will never miss a MOTIFY alert.

MOTIFY is compatible with all major devices from iOS and Android smartphones to tablet computers. It is cloud based so fits in seamlessly with the operator’s network and works intuitively with any self-care app. It intelligently relays information between the network and the device and delivers the information in a variety of rich media which is all managed via a simple user interface. Best of all, MOTIFY can be up and running in an operator network in just 30 days.

Good for operators – great for subscribers

Operators can select the most engaging alert to reach their subscribers and they can be personalised to meet the needs of individual subscribers. MOTIFY also tracks and measure the success of promotions and alerts and supports a variety of rich media technologies, so operators can extend the reach of their brand and bring it to life.

Currently, mobile operators use SMS, email and self-care apps to reach their subscribers. The problem with these is that SMS is easy to ignore and most tablet computers can’t receive SMS in any case. Emails often end up as spam– or are out of date by the time the subscriber reads them. Self-care apps need to be open for it to be of use and they tend to hold the customer responsible for tripping on bills.

For subscribers, MOTIFY will be invaluable. Importantly, it stops bill shock.  It will also keep them up to date with information they need to know and the amazing promotions they care about and are interested in.

In summary, operators need to engage with users in real time at the right time.  And they need to reach them seamlessly. Reach the subscriber in time – you will build trust and score a win. Reach them too late – you will lose the opportunity. MOTIFY helps mobile operators perfect their timing and drive revenues.

Watch Openwave Mobility’s CEO John Giere introduce MOTIFY here!