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The Journey to Smarter Subscriber Data Management

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In the age of mobile and subscriber data, operators have the opportunity to create new services and drive new revenues thanks to the wealth of information they collect about their end users. But data can be both a blessing and a curse. By 2016, there will be over 8 billion mobile devices spewing out hundreds of terabytes of subscriber data every day, and analysts at ABI Research estimate that by 2020 there will be 41 billion IoT devices connected to mobile networks – that’s a HUGE number of new “subscribers”.

Currently operators have their subscribers’ data stored in multiple silos running over diverse technologies and platforms. Ultimately the right way is for operators to have unified management of all their subscriber data via a User Data Repository (UDR). But dismantling data silos is not easy and many operators have organizational and technical reasons for not doing this immediately, so…….

We developed a robust solution that lets operators keep their existing silos in place and federate the data so network providers can have a single view of all their data no matter where it happens to be stored. Operators can now innovate new services, develop new products to attract and retain subscribers – and crucially secure new revenue streams. That’s all possible right here, right now.

The vastness and complexity of subscriber data presents new challenges .Openwave Mobility is changing the balance of power in favor of the mobile operator. It’s time to unlock your data’s full potential and give your network a new lease of life. To find out more about our SDM solutions contact us today!