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Enea Turns the Page in Openwave’s Next Chapter

This week marks an exciting new chapter in our company’s journey. Our integration is now complete and we are now the Openwave division of Enea, or, simply, Enea Openwave. Combined with other units of Enea, our new capabilities will have a very positive impact on operators globally. 8 out of 10 of the leading operator groups worldwide already deploy our solutions, they and others will see even more benefits over the coming weeks, months and years.

From the edge to the core

Enea has a successful track record of growing organically and acquiring companies to strengthen its portfolio of service offerings for mobile operators. Since 2017, Enea has grown from about 460 to more than 640 specialists. With Openwave’s expertise, Enea today has an award-winning portfolio of 4G and 5G technologies that spans the mobile network from the edge to the core – providing operators with a significant proposition.

Enea’s mobile core software solutions 5G data management area includes a 5G common data layer (Stratum) and a unified data manager. On the user plane they include network intelligence, video traffic management, and transmission control protocol (TCP) acceleration. And at the edge – virtual customer premises equipment (CPE).

For operators around the globe, the combined solutions from Enea Openwave provide access to an award-winning portfolio of 4G and 5G technologies that span the network from the edge to the core.

Operators benefit in multiple ways

In 5G data management each 5G Network Function (NF) is treated as a service. In particular this provides a common data layer (Stratum) that stores information that NF’s need, including fast-changing session/state data, subscriptions, policy and configuration data.  Another recent acquisition – a business unit from Atos Convergence Creators – provides the ability to add cloud-ready unified data management to the 5G common data layer. Taken together these solutions produce a carrier class solution for 5G data management that is unrivalled in our industry.

Operators also now have access to a wide set of 5G 3GPP software components, which enables operators to deploy 5G networks that provide extensive capacity for dense areas and ensure ubiquitous coverage needed for use cases like the Internet of Things (IoT). Moreover, operators can use these components to drive down the cost of 5G networks, as they enhance automation in the network, decouple software functions from their resources, provide service and network performance analysis and optimization and speed time to market.

The Enea Openwave difference

Today our subscriber footprint spans over three billion subscribers, and we feel privileged that our clients are excited about our transition too.  The transition to Enea Openwave could not be more perfectly timed. 5G deployment will move into full swing within the next 1-2 years, and of course 5G’s data management needs are drastically different to those of earlier network generations. Why? That is because 5G demands that operators move from bare metal to cloud-based stateless applications. Efficient managing and processing of data is needed to manage 5G’s significant data volumes and what’s more, the solution needs to ensure that only authorized applications have rapid access to data – without any downtime.

That’s where Enea Openwave’s expertise makes a real difference. Our heritage in mobile data and subscriber data management technologies, combined with Enea’s software and virtualization expertise, now give 4G and 5G operators a real edge. Enea is fully committed to our product roadmap and strongly believes in our innovative, agile culture as the industry adopts 5G and cloud native technologies.

Welcome to the next chapter in our story!