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Enea hails clarity in benchmarking industry as Comlinkdata acquires Opensignal

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Comlinkdata has acquired Opensignal, a mobile network benchmarking firm and the combined business is set to serve over 140 clients in more than 60 countries. Enea Openwave works closely with all measurement and ranking providers and advises mobile operators globally on how they can deliver outstanding subscriber Quality of Experience.  Please find below a media statement from Enea Openwave about the acquisition and the implications for the wider industry.

Roland Steiner, Senior Vice President for Telecoms, Enea said:

Comlinkdata has expanded its footprint with Opensignal and its 2019 acquisition of Tutela. This may now lead towards an agreed approach to benchmarking operators in an industry where there is none. Operators have struggled to navigate the different measurement metrics because the parameters used by these providers differ from one another. Recently, benchmarking companies introduced new performance parameters for 5G and many operators are not even aware of them. Factors like different ways of measuring latency, video experience and cloud gaming experience now all take center stage as applications and usage patterns evolve and become more sophisticated.”

“Just as there is consolidation amongst operators, we are likely to see more of this amongst measurement companies. As the industry transitions to 5G, and as competition intensifies for both consumer and enterprise markets – network rankings and measurements will play a critical role for operators. Get the benchmarking metrics right, an operator can be ranked first but get it wrong and be demoted to second or third place. Measurement companies can quite literally make or break fortunes. Let’s hope this acquisition leads to more consistency and less fragmentation – and ultimately provides more clarity for operators when it comes to benchmarking.