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Exciting times ahead for Openwave Mobility – our acquisition by ENEA

ENEA acquires Openwave Mobility

On behalf of Openwave Mobility, I am delighted to share some exciting news.

ENEA AB, a public company based in Kista Sweden, has signed an agreement to purchase Openwave Mobility, subject to completing certain regulatory approvals. With a clear product and strategy alignment between the two companies, we anticipate this synergy will provide significant benefits for mobile network operators, particularly in the emerging area of Cloud and NFV.

A global supplier of NFV software platforms, embedded DPI software and real-time operating systems, ENEA has operated in the telecom software and services market for more than forty years, demonstrating strong financial stability and innovation. Recognizing Openwave Mobility’s leadership in Video Traffic Management and Subscriber Data Management, ENEA announced that the planned acquisition is a significant next step in a strategy to build a stronger global software company. To learn more about ENEA, visit:

Openwave Mobility will continue to operate in very much the same manner as we do today. ENEA plans to operate Openwave Mobility as a wholly owned subsidiary and retain its current leadership structure. This will allow us to maintain our strong momentum in product innovation, our undisputed leadership in Traffic Management and Subscriber Data Management, and our outstanding financial performance. We intend to continue investing in new product innovation and capabilities to drive our product roadmaps, and meet ALL our customer commitments both now and in the future.

Mobile telecommunications is on the cusp of an exhilarating future, with 5G and IoT right around the corner. We remain committed to both our employees and our customers as together we navigate the exciting times ahead!

John Giere
President and CEO