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Encrypted Traffic – A Challenge for Operators

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This article originally appeared in BISInfotech India.

Currently, over 85% of traffic on mobile networks is encrypted and operators have relied on traditional optimization technology to manage this so far. Data originating from OTTs are layered with encryption protocols like QUIC.

As such, when mobile users want to stream video on demand or browse the internet, encryption darkens the network for telecom operators, which means, they cannot see the types of data moving over the network and are incapable of managing subscribers QoE.

Encryption protocols from Google, Facebook and others continue to darken mobile networks for mobile operators. Yet, at any given point, operators need to ascertain quickly if the content on their networks is from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or any other source to manage QoE. Operators need to know: the definition of the video. Is it a live stream or download? What codec is being used to deliver the video and to what device? Operators can’t manage what they can’t see. They need much more than conventional traffic management technology to gather data and make informed decisions.

Operators could be blinded by new OTT encryption protocols being introduced – even before standards are agreed. What steps can operators take? Read the rest of the article on BISInfotech India