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CTIA 2014 – CEO Round Up

Mobile video, virtualization - and of course the new iPhone and Apple Watch - were some of the most talked about topics at this year’s CTIA Super Mobility Week. Both video and virtualization are key areas that Openwave Mobility has been focusing on recently and discussions confirmed that this next year will prove to be an exciting time for us. A few highlights from the week follow.

The opening panel saw Alcatel Lucent, Hulu, ESPN Sports and Verizon discuss “The Explosion of Mobile Video and the Convergence of Mobile and OTT Content”. Some fascinating stats came out of this talk including the fact that one billion videos are streamed on Facebook every day and yet 60 percent of mobile videos have poor Quality of Experience. This combined information highlights again the importance for mobile operators to intelligently address the video boom in order to provide the best possible service to customers and avoid churn.

Verizon demonstrated its Proof of Concept for LTE Video Multi-Cast technology during the session. The development in this area really is one to watch. Live video combined with HD and huge crowds could create issues which operators will need to contend with. But multi-cast has the potential to radically change how we watch and share live events forever.

At the show Openwave Mobility had the fantastic opportunity to take part in three key panels and speaking slots including “Delivering Virtual Cloud-Based Services”; “NFV Today and Tomorrow” and “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace”.  Conversations focused on virtualization, and one of the key questions that cropped up repeatedly was: “When do we see the NFV wave happening?” While NFV is still an emerging technology, there has been huge momentum around it this year and the wheels are definitely in motion. Virtualization is no longer “12 months out” – our customers are planning for virtualization right now. We will see important developments in the next year or two as detailed use cases emerge and start to drive deployment decisions.

Finally, we were delighted that our newest solution MOTIFY was named as one of the winners at the MobITs Awards for Customer Experience Management. This is the second award MOTIFY has won since its launch in February. It is fantastic to see MOTIFY being recognized for its innovation within such a short space of time.

All in all an interesting and rewarding week for Openwave Mobility!

John Giere, CEO at Openwave Mobility