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The Virtual Key to Unlock 5G & 4G Data

Time to read: 3 minutes Here’s Why Enea’s Industry-First 5G Virtual Schema is a REAL Game Changer: Data is at the heart of nearly everything in today’s hyperconnected world. This is particularly true for mobile telecom networks. Yet mobile operators have found that their legacy…


Why it’s Time to Rethink On-Premise Data Storage and Management

Time to read: 3 minutes Data is growing exponentially. And that was even before the pandemic. In 2019 Seagate and IDC estimated that data in enterprises increased at a 42.2% annual growth rate – and that in 2020 enterprises created and captured 6.4 zettabytes of…


WATCH: What it really takes to be the #1 mobile operator

Time to read: 2 minutes On Tuesday Enea hosted the Mobile Video Industry Council (MOVIC) Live. It is an exclusive event dedicated to 4G/5G mobile video. Over 35 of the world’s top operators joined the discussion to examine the most pressing mobile video traffic issues…


The multi-vendor 5G Core – does disaggregation equal irritation?

Time to read: 3 minutes How Telenor is proving that multi-vendor 5G core solutions are here to stay For mobile operators, disaggregation, or separation and componentization, sounds like nirvana: a bigger, deeper field of vendors to choose from, innovative new architectures from the IT world…


Private 5G offers opportunity… and serious challenges

Time to read: 3 minutes With all the hype around 5G and the latest consumer devices, it might be easy to overlook the business benefits of the latest mobile technology. But private 5G networking for enterprise is quietly gaining momentum worldwide. In fact, the global…

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