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The Techco Revolution has Begun

Time to read: 2 minutes Tech should enable change and not drive it, it is the organization that changes, using tech as the enabler. In the fast-paced, software-defined environment, more and more telcos are adopting a tech mindset to help them not only compete but…


The Techco Revolution: Join Telcos On The Journey To Becoming Tech Leaders

Time to read: 2 minutes Telcos have been at the forefront of invention but now they face the double challenge of new technology and new process – effectively reinventing themselves as ‘tech-first’ companies to compete in the fast-paced, software-defined environment of today. The ability to…


Here’s why QUIC is still worrying mobile operators

Time to read: < 1 minute Four years after it was published, “Why the Meteoric Rise of Google QUIC is Worrying Mobile Operators” remains one of Enea Openwave’s most popular blog posts. It’s not hard to see why people are still reading it today. This article…


Why you need dual-mode policy to monetize 5G

Time to read: 2 minutes This article originally appeared in The Fast Mode. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution – that’s worth remembering because even as mobile operators roll out 5G, their 4G networks are still getting upgrades and adding customers. The two technologies must…


The 7 trends shaping the mobile industry in 2022

Time to read: 3 minutes Are we there yet? This is a question many around the world are asking themselves as we continue our seemingly endless journey out of a pandemic and towards the so-called “new normal”. When we wrote our last industry predictions at…

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