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Vodafone Egypt: Why Openwave Mobility’s Video Traffic Management Expertise Delivers Outstanding QoE

The world’s population is close to 8 billion, but there is an (almost) undeniable common experience that brings us all together… The demand for more mobile data! Well, maybe that’s not the number one human experience that we share, but it’s certainly of utmost concern for network operators.  Why? Carriers have to grapple with the challenges of delivering content to a plethora of devices and maintaining Quality of Experience (QoE). One part of the world that has experienced a phenomenal growth in mobile data – and the challenges associated with it – is the Middle East.

Mobile data traffic across the region is expected to continue rising at a compound annual growth rate of 65 percent over the next five years. As is often the case elsewhere, much of this traffic growth is due to mobile video streaming.  With this increased traffic load across mobile networks, subscribers can suffer poor QoE, including long wait times and video buffering. Yet, tolerance of buffering during video playback is extremely low. Research from Openwave Mobility – conducted by an independent consultancy – shows that subscribers on average are willing to accept only six seconds of buffering; after that, they abandon the video. They may even leave the operator if they continue to experience poor QoE.

Rising Tide of Traffic

As a leading mobile operator in the Middle East with a customer base exceeding 40 million subscribers, Vodafone Egypt is faced with managing the escalating volume of video traffic, much of which is encrypted. In order to deal with this flood of encrypted traffic and enhance subscriber QoE, Vodafone Egypt selected Openwave Mobility’s NFV-based video management solution.

With deployment of our video traffic management offering, Vodafone Egypt benefits from the only solution in the industry to manage HTTPS, Google’s QUIC and Facebook’s 0RTT video delivery. The operator coupled this with our cloud-based subscriber data management platform (SDM-CE) to ensure proper management of valuable subscriber data.

According to Vodafone Egypt’s Technology Director, Osama Said, “As the volume of mobile data continues to grow, we needed a flexible solution that can handle all traffic types and assure our users of a greater mobile data experience.”

Osama Said continued: “Openwave Mobility’s technology allows us to effectively manage all our streaming data, including encrypted video, resulting in a very positive impact on subscriber QoE. Openwave Mobility’s expertise, quick install, and proven ability to scale its currently deployed solutions on our network, made them the obvious choice.”

Our exclusive research in the Middle East has shown that subscribers find video buffering to be as annoying as a dropped call.  Given such a competitive mobile landscape, it is key for operators to have the right technology in place to deliver an outstanding QoE. That’s why we conducted extensive R&D and developed our solutions for leading operators like Vodafone Egypt who pride themselves on maintaining excellent QoE for their users.

Buckle Up

Of course, Vodafone Egypt is not alone in this wild ride with mobile data. Globally, mobile data traffic grew 63 percent in 2016, reaching a whopping 7.2 exabytes per month by the end of last year. We’re just getting started on a monumental uphill growth curve and that’s just part of the story. In some parts of the world, more than 60 percent of data is encrypted and this could exceed 80 percent by the end of this year, significantly complicating the task of network optimization. Are you ready?

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