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Why do mobile operators need a New Perspective on Subscriber Data Management? (download our e-book)

It is all kicking off. No, it is not just the 2016 US elections – I’m talking about the telecoms industry! Cloud-based technology and virtualization is changing how operators interact with their own network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is giving a new lease of life to previously “dumb” objects; and meanwhile OTT behemoths are monetizing mobile subscribers – and preventing you – the operator from monetizing your own data.

Download our New E-book

Download our SDM E-book

What’s the common thread amongst these and in fact any industry trend you care to name? It’s knowledge of the subscriber. Specifically, It is the humble and often-ignored Subscriber Data Management (SDM) system. The data that describes your subscriber – your customer – is the most important asset on the network. Yet, operators often overlook its potential and consider subscriber data purely as an operational requirement. Managing digital identities via SDM underpins all of our businesses, and ultimately that’s why SDM will help operators successfully overcome all of these challenges. Our just published e-book “New Perspectives in Subscriber Data Management” provides valuable insights for mobile operators like you to successfully take on the challenges of Virtualization, Identity, and the Internet of Things (IoT). I believe it’s the best 1 hour read you will find this year!

Here’s a sneak peek of the chapters:

The value of SDM: Lays out the business critical nature of SDM and the mind-set you need to drive the revenue needle with subscriber data. Read how operators can maintain cost-effective internal processes and - at the same time - deliver personalized, efficient and secure services.

Barriers and drivers for SDM: Expands on the challenges that are both barriers to and drivers of SDM. From the need for service agility, to problems of vendor lock-in, to organisational (people) challenges, this will help you think through the specific challenges you face in your own operating environment.

Perspectives on NFV: Explore the pros and cons of different NFV deployment strategies. NFV promises to deliver flexibility and scalability, but why do subscriber-aware NFV systems lack agility? What steps can operators take to overcome this?

Perspectives on the Internet of Things: Learn how operators can monetize IoT. Discover the blueprint and the critical components for a telco-grade IoT application framework. Crucially, can operators build an IoT ecosystem – if so, how can SDM help you to do this?

Perspectives on identity and OTT collaboration: By 2020, the mobile identity services market will reach $9.4 billion – but operators will only make a fraction of that. Find out what steps, based on your SDM system, operators can take to clawback revenues and secure new earning streams. How can operators build durable and lucrative partnerships with OTTs?

What to look for in a winning SDM solution: Summarises the different SDM components and how they fit bespoke use cases. What requirements arise from virtualization, IoT, mobile identity and OTT collaboration when considering acquiring or upgrading your SDM system?

And lastly the e-book comes with a set of success stories – real operators with real subscriber data problems that needed rapid yet long term solutions.

So, whether you are an operator struggling with data silos, or are well along the NFV road and partnering with OTTs, this ebook will help you unlock your incredible asset – your goldmine of subscriber data residing within your very own infrastructure.

Walk the talk
Finally, you are probably wondering why Openwave Mobility is qualified to write this e-book? The  book is the crystalization of over ten years of experience and expertise. Our team of engineers have developed one of the best SDM solutions on the market. We have conducted extensive R&D and we collaborated with leading industry analysts to understand the opportunities and gripes operators face – and launched SDM solutions that meet their needs - including by the way the largest UDR deployment of any kind in the world.

Download our e-book today and let me know what you think. I am confident that you will find the information within it useful and illuminating.