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Build a solid foundation for your Subscriber Data Management with the first VMware Ready User Data Repository certified for NFV

For many network operators, the fundamental reason to deploy Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology is the ability to de-couple network functions from expensive proprietary hardware. This paradigm shift in network infrastructure enables flexibility, scalability and most importantly, cost savings. But, like any new technology, the ability to achieve maximum return on your investment, in large part, relies on starting with a solid foundation.

When migrating to an NFV environment, a solid foundation starts with building sufficient agility to allow applications to be scaled up and down quickly and conveniently. And in the case of subscriber aware applications, that agility can be nearly impossible to achieve if those applications are dependent on legacy IT provisioning systems with a long lead time for making changes.

Openwave Mobility’s Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution decouples applications from provisioning systems and delivers subscriber data to operators as they need it, when they need it and where they need it. Our SDM Cloud Edition (SDM-CE) is the industry’s first virtualized User Data Repository (vUDR) certified for NFV environments, allowing mobile operators to efficiently manage their capacities through dynamic scaling to create and deliver value in today’s OTT and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

And now, after a detailed validation process, the Openwave Mobility SDM-CE solution has achieved VMware Ready™ status for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), achieving VMware’s highest level of endorsement for virtualized network suppliers. Operators who choose VMware NFV solutions benefit from convenient access to the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) to select a certified carrier-grade solution. The VMware Ready program is allied with the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program that includes thousands of members worldwide.

Openwave Mobility’s virtualized UDR with built-in federation and replication enables network applications to read and write data from any data center or even data silos, so that new applications can be onboarded in just two weeks, compared to the average subscriber data provisioning integration of nine months. Moreover, by decoupling storage from the application management interface, operators can shorten time-to-market for new services, reduce integration costs by up to 80 percent, and limit total cost of ownership (TCO) for subscriber centric networks.

The Openwave Mobility SDM-CE solution is available via the VSX and on the Telco NFV Solution Exchange. Built for distributed telco deployments, our SDM-CE solution is 3GPP compliant and massively scalable, equipping operators with the building blocks they need to deploy NFV on a solid foundation for maximum service agility and full realization of the benefits of virtualization.

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