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Gossip, banter, and nuggets of wisdom from Network Virtualization Europe

Did you know that “cloudify” is now an English verb? I didn’t. “Cloudify” … and “cloudification” were buzz phrases in Madrid this week at Informa’s Network Virtualization Europe conference. In fact, as I learnt, “cloudification” is the half-step between turning…

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Why the Evolution of Subscriber Data Management is Critical for 5G

Openwave Mobility has been recognized as one of the top five global players in Subscriber Data Management in ABI Research’s 2018 report: “An Introduction to Subscriber Data Management”. The critical role Subscriber Data Management plays within an operator is sometimes…

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Forget Google and Facebook – you can do better!

How many times have you seen ads on the web for that item you just purchased? What’s the point in showing people ads for stuff they already bought? Those ads follow you around like a hungry dog. One day earlier…

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7 lessons for operators moving to NFV – from MWC 2018

At MWC this year I was invited to address the congress on “The Hunt for Mass-Market NFV”. A handful of speakers and I all tackled the same theme from our unique perspectives. What was intriguing was that, while we all…

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Why the Meteoric Rise of Google QUIC is Worrying Mobile Operators

Openwave Mobility’s Mobile Video Index (MVI), with data gathered from over 30 mobile operators, has found that Google QUIC has grown at an alarming rate. Here is why it is critical for mobile operators to stay on top of this.…

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