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The One Myth Every Mobile Operator Tells Themselves

Myths are a feature of every culture the world over. And we enjoy them. Who wouldn’t like to hear again the story of Hercules or Count Dracula? And which child would say no to a fairy tale about a big…


The Seven Habits of Highly Successful NFV Teams

As NFV spending hits $38 billion, some mobile operators are experiencing teething problems. Vendor lock-in, internal funding issues, management challenges and underwhelming results have dogged many deployments. The following observations are based on 18 months of live NFV trials and…


How Does NFV Impact Your Subscriber Data Management System?

This blog is based on the latest report from our NFV Playbook. Register and download it today. The most crucial element in any mobile network is something that can be seen only in the abstract — the subscriber. This means that…


Build a solid foundation for your Subscriber Data Management with the first VMware Ready User Data Repository certified for NFV

For many network operators, the fundamental reason to deploy Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology is the ability to de-couple network functions from expensive proprietary hardware. This paradigm shift in network infrastructure enables flexibility, scalability and most importantly, cost savings. But,…


What are the top six NFV applications in 2017?

While most industry experts agree that Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technology is an important step in network evolution and transformation, many communications service providers (CSPs) are still wrestling with real-world issues and challenges related to commercial deployments. Yet even in…

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