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Archive for 2016

Identity & Security in an IoT World

As we increase our dependence upon Internet connected Things to simplify, optimize and improve our businesses and our lives, we simultaneously increase our exposure to new security issues created by these very “Things”. A quick google search on ‘IoT security’…

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What’s New with Mobile-Fixed-Content Convergence?

Many global operators have seen the future and they are on a strategic path to deliver your mobile data content to any device, anytime, anywhere. They often reference “the 3 screens strategy.” The urge to converge has grown out from…

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Could The Abandoned Shopping Cart Be a Thing Of The Past?

Almost all of us have done it. How many times have you looked to purchase something online, added the item to your shopping cart…but then abandoned it? The average online shopping cart abandonment rate is around 70%. Of course there…

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How can publishers survive in the era of ad-blockers?

“We messed up.” That was the revealing claim from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). They were referring to the pop-ups and intrusive ads that have quite frankly spoilt the Quality of Experience (QoE) for internet users. It is a mess.…

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How can operators monetize the PCC ecosystem?

PCC System Overview Policy and Charging Control (PCC) function refers to the 3GPP model defining how to charge, manage and enforce policy on Communication Service Provider (CSP) networks. By managing network policy properly, a provider can efficiently utilize their network…

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