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DPI – Evolve or Die

Deep flow inspection should be a driver for monetization…not a dead investment This article first appeared on SDxCentral in December 2 2016. Read the article here There is one sure-fire certainty in the mobile data environment – it is constant…


Gone in 6 Seconds: Mobile Video in the Middle East

What if Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie remade Gone in 60 Seconds and swapped flashy cars in Los Angeles with smartphones in glitzy Dubai? In that case they might have to call it Gone in 6 Seconds! Why? That’s how…


We need a new perspective on our Subscriber Data

What comes to your mind when you hear the phrase Subscriber Data? Perhaps like many in our industry you have some sense of discomfort. Maybe you imagine multiple servers across your network, using different technologies sitting in separate locations, not…


What can mobile operators learn from Netflix?

It took me a few hours but it’s finally done! All of my pictures on my mobile phone have been uploaded to the cloud. Having it on the cloud provides me with more security, flexibility and peace of mind knowing…

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