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Marketing to a community of one

A few years back, if you could not deliver a crisp elevator pitch on your company’s “mobile advertising strategy,” you were regarded as a laggard and even somewhat foolish for not joining what was undoubtedly the gravy train of the…

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In mobile networks, SDN and NFV mean service orchestration

Software-defined networking (SDN) and Network functions virtualization (NFV) took center stage at Mobile World Congress this year as it became clear that the technology has the potential to revolutionize mobile operator networks. SDN and NFV can enable resource and service…

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Openwave Mobility: Our First Anniversary

We have now reached the first anniversary since we launched as an independent company from Openwave Systems, and what a year it has been for us! Over the 12 months we have had numerous customer and partner announcements, new product…

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Themes from MWC 2014 (…. not a typo)

I am sure that many of you, like me, were comprehensively bombarded with vendor pre-show announcements in the week before MWC. In addition, every analyst worth their salt put out a “what you will see in Barcelona” report well before…

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Transforming Subscriber Data into Business Opportunities – Part 1

As mobile operators shift from network- to subscriber-oriented models, analysts keep predicting subscriber data management (SDM) market revenue growth for SDM software and services. During the past five years as mobile data growth went through the long-expected hockey stick pattern,…

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