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HTML5 – Workhorse or Trojan Horse

Whether you regard Adobe’s recent announcement as throwing their hat into the ring for HTML5 or throwing in the towel for Flash on mobile, the end result is the same. HTML5 now has the critical mass of industry giants behind…

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Bill Shock in FCC Crosshairs

Following up our last bill shock post, it looks like the FCC has finally taken action. For those of you following this blog you know that this has been an issue of interest to me for quite awhile. I predicted…

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Why Reallocating Spectrum Isn’t Enough

An industry watershed was reach in the last few weeks when global video traffic finally exceeded all other types of traffic added together in mobile data networks. This trend is only set to continue as smartphones become ever more mainstream…

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Video Optimization Should Be Holistic

One of the primary reasons that more and more mobile operators are rolling out their 4G networks is to accommodate the growing demand for video content, which is expected to comprise 75% of all mobile network traffic within the next…

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The Massive but Hidden Value of HTML5

To date, web apps are designed to capitalize on the monetization opportunity created by the success of the Apple App Store. The iPhone obsession (and the subsequent rise of Andriod) has focused developers’ attention almost exclusively on these two platforms.…

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