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Telecom: Is your data stopping you from going to the cloud?

Time to read: 3 minutes The mobile telecom world is driven by data, not just the transactional data between a user and the internet but the data about the user, their subscription, their physical devices etc. How this data is managed and secured is a…


5G Core: stability and agility – foundation for monetization

Time to read: 4 minutes The extreme focus on network stability led to the tremendous success of 8.2 billion mobile subscriptions in 2021. Stability made the core network a revenue generating machine. But what worked in the past does not always work today, as we…


Flexible policy is critical for telecom innovation during economic turbulence

Time to read: 3 minutes Telecom operators and their customers love freedom. So why don’t they have it? Nobody likes lock-ins, especially during times of economic turbulence and inflation. Consumers, for example, hate being forced into contracts where they have to buy a big bundle…


5G networks and policy – it’s more than an afterthought!

Time to read: 3 minutes The first couple of things people think about with 5G are speed of access, or connecting all sorts of devices in different environments. We have seen commercials where planes can be landed from someone’s home living room (current UK 5G…

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