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Announcing: Speakers and Round Tables for Mobile Video Industry Council 2018

In just two weeks, some of the world’s largest mobile operators will convene in London at the inaugural Mobile Video Industry Council on October 18.  If you are a mobile operator and would like to attend, there are a very limited number of spaces still availableregister your interest today.

Our impressive operator and OTT content provider speaker lineup includes:

  • Tim Connolly – Head of Partnerships and Distribution, Hulu
  • Matt Stagg – Director of Mobile Strategy, BT Sport
  • Didier Clavero – Head of Data Core – Vodafone Group
  • Uvaiz Ahmed – Technology Strategy, Chief Technology Officer, Telus
  • Massimiliano Gasparroni – Head of Network Deployment, Vodafone Ireland
  • Jeremy Treder – Product Management Strategist (Stream-On), Deutsche Telekom

Along with the one-to-one operator interviews and topical strategy debates, attendees will have the choice of attending roundtables hosted by industry-renowned independent analyst experts.   

Which one interests you?

Content and Monetization in a 5G network

Moderator: Dimitris Mavrakis, ABI Research

This roundtable explores the video opportunities and challenges as 5G reshapes the OTT video landscape. Already protocol challenges could make monetizing 5G mobile video a challenge and, as OTTs no doubt look to maximize 5G, the tide of encrypted data will rise exponentially.  How will operators manage this incursion? How will edge computing change the mobile video landscape and which companies in the 5G ecosystem will gain and lose?

Learn how operators can partner with OTTs to unlock new opportunities and gain insight on effective technologies for 5G video delivery at the NG core. The session includes insightful findings from ABI Research.

  • How do we manage and monetize video in 5G given the gaps in 3GPP standards?
  • 5G will enable hi-definition video at a massive scale. How can operators efficiently design networks to ensure QoE?
  • Cost-effective models to enable services and network applications in the 4G to 5G transition

NFV and mobile video

Moderator: Gorkem Yigit, Analysys Mason

Mobile video traffic has already surpassed 50% of total mobile data traffic in many operator networks worldwide and continues to grow with increasing demand for live and VoD content. Mobile operators are increasingly turning to network virtualization with NFV/SDN to efficiently manage the video traffic; automate their operations with more intelligent networks and create new revenue opportunities.

Analysis Mason forecasts that NFV spending will reach to USD13 billion in 2021, but the full benefits of virtualization will not be realized until much later.

  • Get up to speed on the progress operators have made on their journey into cloud-native networks and automated operations
  • Gain a clear understanding of the main challenges of virtualization such as orchestration, operational transformation, performance and security
  • Exchange ideas on best practices to overcome the challenges of virtualization and fully realize its potential.

Maximizing the RAN – Maximizing the Revenue

Moderator: Brice Longnos, Strategy Analytics

With the rising tide of encrypted video traffic and richer media content, what approach should operators take to maximize the business potential of content? This roundtable examines the strategies to maximize RAN utilization without compromising quality.

In a fiercely competitive environment, it is essential to create agile and innovative promotions and data offers – but what are the technical and commercial aspects that need to be considered for success? Strategy Analytics has been examining this area for growth – looking at what has worked and why across the globe.

  • How do operators maximize the RAN, maintain QOE and increase competitiveness?
  • In an environment for creating agile promotion and data offers, what use cases have worked – and what cases have not?
  • How can operators prepare their RAN strategies for 5G?

Download the full Mobile Video Industry Council agenda.  We look forward to seeing you in London on October 18!