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About Us


Video Traffic Management
& Cloud Data Management

We have a rich legacy. Back at the turn of this century Openwave invented the mobile internet by creating foundational technology and as a founder member of the WAP Forum ...

... today, based in Silicon Valley, our company provides solutions to mobile operators for Video Traffic Management and Cloud Data Management. Specifically our solutions alleviate RAN congestion and unify data from 5G virtualized applications. See our story in pictures!

Video Traffic Management

What’s your 5G mobile video strategy?

In this 4 minute interview CEO John Giere explains how forward looking operators are fixing their 5G video strategies, how to manage RAN congestion, and the formation of The Mobile Video Industry Council.

Why Openwave Mobility?

Of course we could give you all the reasons ourselves, but don’t just listen to us; listen to our customers – listen to some of the industry’s most respected mobile operators.


"Openwave Mobility’s expertise, quick install, and proven ability to scale its solutions, made them the obvious choice"



"Openwave Mobility enabled us to optimize live streaming data, encrypted or not, delivering a seamless experience for our subscribers"



"The innovative solution from Openwave Mobility has been impressive, back up with excellent levels of service"



"TELUS is proud to partner with Openwave Mobility and give our customers a better experience while watching videos"



"We were impressed with the Smart User Repository’s fast and flawless deployment and immediate results it has delivered"


Cloud Data Management

What are the fundamentals of 5G Cloud Data Management?

In 90 seconds, Matt Halligan, CTO, explains how to manage Cloudification of mobile operator networks, and successfully avoid vendor lock-in.

Don't Just Listen to Us!

Our video traffic management solution has been recognised by industry luminaries and deployed multiple times.

Still not convinced? Check out our global footprint

Openwave Mobility has deployed all-IP traffic solutions with over 40 of the world’s largest service providers, and today provides services utilized by more than 1.5 billion subscribers.

The company has built a robust portfolio of Intellectual Property, which is growing month by month and today has a global presence headquartered in Silicon Valley California. Openwave Mobility is an Enea company, part of a group that develops the software foundation for the connected society.

The Openwave Story

In 2017 we celebrated our 5th anniversary as Openwave Mobility but the company actually has a rich legacy going back 20 years.