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8 trends that will impact your network in 2021

Time to read: 2 minutes

The level of disruption caused by 2020 has been felt all over the world, causing radical changes to how we communicate, work and socialize. Over the past year mobile operators have provided a lifeline to millions in the face of these challenges. As we move through 2021, these changes persist, and many believe this will be a significant year for mobile operators due to the opportunities those changes will usher in.

At Enea Openwave we wanted to explore these opportunities and delve deeper into the lasting impact of 2020. We hosted a webinar with an all-star panel made up of industry experts, gathered to discuss the major trends that have emerged and are being carried forwards into 2021.

We brought together some of the greatest minds from AT&T, Telefonica, RootMetrics, Tutela, Analysys Mason, Strategy Analytics and ABI Research. They all contributed to the webinar, each giving their own insight on what will shape mobile data in 2021. The points raised and issues discussed have been given in-depth insight in our new eBook.

Legacy of Covid-19

The first panel discussed how the continuing legacy of COVID-19 can be described as a “7-day weekend” phenomenon. The increased data demand seen in suburban areas throughout the week and the fall in demand in traditional business areas demonstrates a change in work patterns that is expected to continue beyond 2021. Register for the eBook to learn from experts what strategies operators are adopting as they invest in 5G core infrastructure (NSA and SA) for effective data management in 2021.

Cloud Gaming

The expected top use cases for 5G are cloud gaming and group video calling (consumer), and private 5G (enterprise). With mobile gaming traffic expected to grow 5X by end of 2021, our panel discussed how cloud and edge computing will be leveraged for operators to monetize gaming. As the mobile gaming ecosystem expands beyond the behemoths of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in 2021 it will incorporate smaller independent gaming companies. Read our eBook to find out how operators can place themselves at the heart of the new gaming ecosystem.

Operator benchmarking

Experts from Tutela and RootMetrics, specialists in operator benchmarking, together discussed the impact 2020 has had on how mobile operators are benchmarked. Operators now have to consistently manage new use case-based benchmarking criteria in their quest to become #1. Also in 2020, customer expectation soared with regard to mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi due to enforced home-working and home-schooling. This eBook discusses how operators can both prepare themselves for new use case benchmarking and take into account Quality of Play versus Quality of Delivery.

Blinding encryption

The final section of our eBook introduces the topic of new encryption protocols. This is something set to impact operators dramatically through 2021 as hyperscaler/OTTs could blind operators with new encryption – even before standards are introduced. As

If that was not enough, hyperscalers will also look to centralize the internet and control it via encryption – a few unregulated players will effectively have the power over what content is delivered to your subscribers. Our panel discusses how operators can effectively respond to this.

With this eBook you will also gain access to the latest charts and video data-trends that we see across our database of over 40 mobile operators worldwide. Register to download this eBook, maximize your opportunities and overcome the challenges of 2021.