The rock that anchors your stateless cloud applications

What is Stratum?

Stratum is a 5G Network Data Layer that is open, cloud native and simplified.
Stratum solves the problem of vendor lock-in by collapsing all your vendor data silos into one common Network Data Layer.

it’s time to liberate your data - with Stratum

What does Stratum do?

Stratum was built ground up to solve the problems of vendor lock in and managing stateless data.
It enables any application to store its state reliably and cost effectively.


Stateless applications means faster scalability and better service availability at lower costs

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Store all the data in Stratum, scale on demand with assured 6 Nines of data availability

Stratum provides a cloud native data manager built for 5G, NFV and IoT. It provides performance and scale required to build telco clouds that can deliver low latency applications & services, scale to billions of devices and integrate with the Internet Ecosystem using secure REST APIs.



Separation of Data Layer, Control Plane & User Plane

Stratum provides the 5G Data Layer (UDR, UDSF) functionality


Cloud Apps

Need to store Subscription, Session, Policy, Configuration & State Data

Stratum provides efficient & reliable Structured & Unstructured storage for Applications



Need to manage billions of devices cost effectively

Stratum horizontally scales with ACID compliance and across data centers


Telco grade reliability in the Cloud


transactions at sub-millisecond latency

1/ TCO

compared to traditional solutions

Subscriber Data Management in the Era of 5G

Keith Dyer of The Mobile Network and Fergus Wills, Enea Openwave, on the impact of 5G on service delivery through subscriber data management.

Fergus Wills, Enea Openwave, on the impact of 5G on service delivery.

Considering a Private 5G Network?

Consider the Enea 5G MicroCore

Our Enea 5G MicroCore offers enterprises and System Integrators a complete 5G data management solution in minimal footprint, with zero-touch deployment – all based on unrivalled success in data management.


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