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The Surprising Effect of the Weather on Your Network

The weather is an important topic of conversation in most people’s daily lives as we plan our activities and events around its prediction. It’s important enough that a number of smartphone providers provide it as a pre-loaded application on the…


Net Neutrality and the Role of NFV

The state of Net Neutrality and the open Internet have been debated at length. While the pro and anti neutrality camps fight it out – “Free Internet” vs. “Fast-Lanes” –   many have overlooked what impact Net Neutrality will ultimately have…


CTIA 2014 – CEO Round Up

Mobile video, virtualization – and of course the new iPhone and Apple Watch – were some of the most talked about topics at this year’s CTIA Super Mobility Week. Both video and virtualization are key areas that Openwave Mobility has…


Video Codecs in Close Battle

The battle between today’s leading video codecs — HEVC and VP9 — will be a closer fight than we saw between the leaders in the prior generation, VP8 and AVC. There may be room in the market for both –…

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