We supply Video Traffic Management and 5G Data Management
to the world’s leading mobile operators

enabling them to alleviate RAN congestion and unify data from 5G applications

what we do

What is  Video Traffic Management and 5G Data Management?

What Operators Need to Know

Bitesize thought leadership from the Mobile Video Industry Council


Enea Openwave is first to optimize Apple TV+ Streaming Service


video traffic management

Video is now THE most important element of the mobile experience

5G Open Framework

There are many ways to deploy 5G but only one way to avoid vendor lock-in

5G Data Management

Stratum Cloud Data Layer

The 5G Network Data Layer that makes the problem of vendor lock-in obsolete

Digital Identity

Personalise your subscribers’ experience through OTT collaboration

Industry Insights

Mobile Video Index

Mobile Video Index

Based on global data from over 30 mobile operators

Cloud Data Management

Cloud Data Management Playbook

5G will change everything you know about data


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"Openwave Mobility enabled us to optimize live streaming data, encrypted or not, delivering a seamless experience for our subscribers"


"The innovative solution from Openwave Mobility has been impressive, backed up with excellent levels of service"


"TELUS is proud to partner with Openwave Mobility and give our customers a better experience while watching videos"


"We were impressed with the Smart User Repository’s fast and flawless deployment and immediate results it has delivered"