we do video traffic management
and data management for the 5G core

We supply Video Traffic Management and 5G Data Management
to the world’s leading mobile operators

enabling them to alleviate RAN congestion and unify data from 5G applications

Mobile trends 2022

7 Trends that will shape the mobile industry in 2022
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What we do

What is Video Traffic Management and 5G Data Management?


Enea launches dual-mode engine for faster & easier 5G service deployment

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Accelerate Dual-Mode Service Deployment

Deliver outstanding 4G/5G experiences

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Virtual load balancing

Network Capacity and Load Balancing

Why a new take on the core function is needed?


video traffic management

Video is now THE most important element of the mobile experience

5G Data Management


Stratum Cloud Data Manager

The 5G Network Data Layer that makes the problem of vendor lock-in obsolete

Why Enea?

Why do operators all over the world choose Enea SDM?