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MWC 2017: John Giere speaks about how to manage and monetise the tide of mobile video.

MWC 2017: Indranil Chatterjee on how Subscriber Data Management and Traffic Management can monetize your data.

MWC 2017: Matt Halligan on developing an ecosystem to deliver a targeted experience for consumers & sharing revenues with OTTs.

MWC 2017: CTO Matt Halligan provides tips on what systems you need to virtualize first.

MWC 2017: DPI is dead! Long live … what exactly? Indranil Chatterjee provides the answer.

MWC 2017: Fergus Wills describes how by working with Qosmos we enable operators to create Application Specific Price Plans


Seminar on Mobile Traffic Optimization and Monetization, Telefónica del Perú (Spanish)

John Giere and on Openwave Mobility 2016

Indranil Chatterjee and on Rebooting DPI 2016

Indranil Chatterjee & RCR Wireless on Subscriber Data Management 2015

Matt Halligan & RCR Wireless on optimizing encrypted traffic 2015

John Giere speaks with Light Reading 2015

MWC 2014: Hu Meena from CSpire and John Giere

2013 CCA Global Expo: Greg Pruitt of C Spire and John Giere

2013 CCA Global Expo: Brad Heath of Sandvine and John. Giere

Webinar: How analytics is feeding new pricing models

MWC 2013: bnetTV interviews John Giere of Openwave

Webinar: Driving New Revenues with Policy Management

Webinar: How to Manage Video Congestion Holistically...

TMC interviews John Giere on how to manage and monetize...

2012 MWC: RCR Wireless interviews Chris Goswami...

TMC interviews Indranil Chatterjee, VP Products and Marketing...

2011 MWC: Tele Semana interviews John Giere, CEO...

011 MMA Forum: Weighing the importance of Mobile Analytics

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