Improve Web Browsing User Experience and Maximize Network Capacity


Video may have the edge with data volume downloaded but the majority of browsing transactions still involve text and graphics. Few websites are designed for mobile browsing, resulting in large images and uncompressed content moving from website to mobile device. Networks become congested and browsing experience poor with data allowances depleted rapidly. At the same time user expectations driven by touch-screen devices continues to grow with “desktop quality and speed” now expected as the default on mobile devices.



Openwave Mobility’s DynaSurf is a high performance product that increases transfer rates over wireless data networks while decreasing bandwidth consumption. By using DynaSurf operators provide subscribers with faster browsing and more immediate access to content. . DynaSurf’s intelligent delivery of online web content ensures the most efficient use of resources to deliver the best viewing experience at the least cost.

The key capabilities of the solution are

Other Products

DynaSurf forms part of Openwave Mobility’s Media Optimization solution, which also includes DynaMO HD and DynaTune for optimization of video and audio respectively.