NFV Orchestration
& Service Chaining

IP Traffic Manager

NFV service orchestration and service chaining for virtualized networks

NFV orchestration” and NFV service chaining - awardMobile data is not only growing exponentially, but also significantly diversifying. Core use cases such as fair useage management, quality of service monitoring, and traffic classification & reporting need to evolve in the face of changing traffic patterns. Traditional Deep Packet Inspection on bespoke hardware is limited in its ability and exorbitant in its costs – we need to do better.

Openwave Mobility introduce IP Traffic Manager – which, uses a flexible plug in event architecture to enable packet/flow/session classification, and flexible VAS options in virtualized environment - using COTS hardware. IP Traffic Manager is a key enabler of NFV orchestration and service chaining.

Use cases enabled by IP-TM include ad-blocking, content filtering, real time QoE monitoring and control, fair and reasonable usage management and integrated DNS analysis to set Quality of Service policies for different categories of content. IP-TM delivers these key use cases in a virtualized environment using COTS hardware.

NFV orchestration” and NFV service chaining schematic

Positioned in the Gi path on COTS, the IP-TM provides the capability to look into the data plane selectively or continuously to classify and act with a range of services real time, inline. The service orchestration options enable multiple additional services to be invoked at the same point, once the traffic is intercepted, allowing optimal use of resources (reducing the ‘bumps’ in the wire).

IP Traffic Manager

  • Detects protocols & applications via flow signatures enabling flow & session metering, shaping, Policy based QOS & Analytics
  • Provides both light and deep classification of all-IP flows
  • Enables flexible Action upstream and downstream inc rate limiting, blocking, and routing
  • Enables protocol & application aware Quality of Service
  • Works in conjunction with other Openwave Mobility solutions (PPI, Optimization, Secure Traffic Management Content Filtering etc) to provide NFV orchestration and NFV service chaining.

IP - Traffic Manager - Use Cases

The key use cases for Openwave Mobility IP Traffic Manager include:

  • Mobile & Fixed policy enforcement for fair usage
  • Real time QOS monitoring / enforcement
  • Real time traffic classification & analytics
  • Custom flow classification – based on  meta data rules
  • Packet, flow & session aggregation of classification data; enabling holistic view of user & session consumptions
  • Continuous flow analysis eg for VOIP call volume, encrypted traffic (HTTP2, etc)
  • Device aware app & protocol action capabilities
  • Integrated DNS analysis enabling policies for unencrypted & encrypted traffic and QOS for categories of content (eg gaming)
  • Detailed, integrated real time reporting based on protocol, classification, policy, etc.

There are a full range of supported detection capabilities & an integrated reporting dashboard (see figure below), with scheduled exportable reporting in multiple formats covering breakouts of traffic by IP, Protocol, classification category and policy.

NFV orchestration” and NFV service chaining analytics

The solution can be delivered in appliance and virtual form, as a VNF on COTS hardware, enabling data services to elastically expand their understanding of the data flows and easily manage their TCO.



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