Content Filtering
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Intelligent Content Filtering

There is a rapidly increasing variety of content out on the mobile web. Based on corporate policy or user preference, some of this content will be considered unacceptable for a company's brand image, corporate viewing, or for viewing by minors. Hence implementation of a dynamic and effective content filter is key.

Openwave Mobility’s Intelligent Traffic filter delivers dynamic web categorization and content filtering. It provides real time detection and reporting of the category of web domain about to be consumed by the end user so that  access rules based on that user’s profile can be enforced. Combining DNS capabilities with meta-data extraction, web categorization can be applied to both encrypted and unencrypted traffic flows for the intelligent implementation of access policy.

Using multiple dynamic categories of content, ranging from adult to games, gambling to search engines, real time detection and enforcement on the data access path can be used to create differentiated service access policies. Below is a sample from customer data.

Content Filtering - categorization

Orchestrating services and interacting with users

Content Filtering - categorization

Using Openwave Mobility’s IP Traffic Filter, dynamic categorization can be selectively invoked (eg based on user profile or a centralized policy) and multiple actions for category of content can be defined. Here are some examples:

  • Blocking user access and presentation of an access restricted information message
  • Redirection to an alternate service / content
  • Invocation of alternative services (eg access policy check)
  • Invocation of an associated promotion / notification based on the content category

Service options may be extended based on the network access type, user device and profile, time of day/day of week and a range of other information. Using scalable orchestration capabilities the category of content can be used to trigger automatically new data services in the path and analyze what is driving capacity.

Key content filtering features enabled by Openwave Mobility IP Traffic Filter include:

  • Mobile Data Interception & Categorization (secure & unsecure traffic)
  • Custom Categories – based on extensive meta data rules
  • Remote Policy Control for service access
  • Detailed traffic reporting
  • Learning & updating to re-categorize unknown domains
  • Implementation of core policies for filtering and grouping of categories of content for different user profiles
  • Deployable in Virtualized & Appliance form factors on COTS hardware for fast deployment and elastic expansion