Encrypted Traffic

Encrypted Traffic Management

The rapidly increasing level of secure mobile data traffic is a growing problem for data service providers. Difficulties include managing the intelligent distribution of popular content for optimized delivery, gauging the growing demands on networks, and fulfilling regulatory obligations on data access. This is a key business problem: for the operator to insert themselves into the trust relationship from both the perspective of mobile user and content provider.

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Our industry award winning solution Secure Traffic Manager (STM) provides the capability to inspect encrypted traffic flows (TCP, TLS, HTTPS and QUIC in real time) and provide effective Encrypted Traffic Management. STM extends traffic management capabilities into the encrypted path, and intelligently adjusts encrypted Adaptive Bitrate video to reduce its impact on the RAN by 20%.

"By using QUIC to avoid the penalties of TCP and add its own optimization, Openwave Mobility now offers an even more complete portfolio for mobile operators. Service providers can now launch an improved version of T-Mobile’s Binge On that can also manage UDP based protocols"

Sue Rudd, Director Service Provider Analysis, Strategy Analytics

60 seconds: With 70% of traffic now encrypted and most of that video, Indranil Chatterjee explains why Openwave Mobiliy is the solution of choice for 7 mobile operators in 7 months.

extends Integra’s existing service orchestration capability into the encrypted path. In particular STM offers mobile operators the ability to optimize video and data streams in the face of encryption.

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Highlights of STM include:

  • Detection and categorization of encrypted TCP and UDP video traffic inc HTTPS and QUIC
  • Transparent encrypted video flow and device classification
  • Selective delivery optimization - intelligent traffic management of ABR streaming allows for the endpoints exchanging streaming information to negotiate to a specific video bitrate
  • Video QoE protection - Optimization is dynamically released or adjusted as needed to preserve the playback experience
  • Video quality driven - Quality of Picture-driven optimization through real-time MOS quality video evaluation
  • Comprehensive Encrypted Network Traffic Management

A Proven Portfolio for Data Optimization

The Openwave Mobility Data Optimization solution consists of three proven products:

Together these accelerate the Mobile Internet experience and selectively optimize the delivery of video, web and audio content in encrypted and unencrypted formats.

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