Mobile Data Optimization

Cut Your RAN congestion through Contextual Optimization

Faster networks, richer content, soaring appetites for streaming video and more powerful mobile devices are combining to place unprecedented strain on mobile networks. Congested networks deliver poor user experience and lead to significant impacts on the profitability; and of course now that networks are "going dark" with encrypted content, problems are magnified further.

How do I deliver the best possible experience to customers whilst minimizing my Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?

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VDO - The Numbers

"Media Optimizer hugely improved our RAN congestion - we have seen a
reduction in dropped connections of over 66%"

Tier-1 operator EMEA

In independent testing our solution was seen to compress data with savings of up to 70% leading to overall reductions in RAN congestion of 25%.

The solution consists of three proven products:

Together these accelerate the Mobile Internet experience and selectively optimize the delivery of video, web and audio content in encrypted and unencrypted formats.

Mobile Data Optimization

Openwave Mobility's Mobile Data Optimization solution helps mobile operators to simultaneously optimize both cost and quality:

  • Optimizes streaming audio on the network to reduce the impact of streaming audio on the operators network
  • Accelerates web pages to provide the fastest web access on the operators network
  • Optimizes video to provide the best user experience on the operators network
  • Delivers a hugely improved quality of experience to subscribers – quick start, smooth, no stutters.

It optimizes Encrypted Content - Openwave Mobility offer video and content optimization even for encrypted traffic.

Mobile Data Optimization also minimizes TCO by managing congestion dynamically in hotspots:

  • Intelligent monitoring of each video stream to understand the real bandwidth available in the network and use that to optimize video traffic that would have experienced stalling in the network
  • Only invoked for video traffic that would be impacted and hence provides the best possible viewing experience in the network

It fits into the operator's NFV.SDN strategy seamlessly:

  • Ready to be a part of the operators NFV.SDN solution in order to promote network cost efficiency

And it provides a Dashboard to understand the traffic profile and monitor optimization impact on the network.



Our Mobile Data Optimization solution builds on top of Openwave Mobility’s Integra6 all-IP Traffic Management Engine, which enables operators to rapidly adapt to changing traffic demands by means of a powerful service orchestration engine. Far beyond brute-force optimization, flexible granular rules can be created by combining multiple contextual conditions that are evaluated at line-rate speeds.

The Mobile Data Optimization solution can be extended by integrating for example with our PPI Pricing solution to create innovative "video as a service" price plans, and drive revenues.

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